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An Ultimate Guide for Clueless Guys in Buying Flower

Press Release: December 01, 2017

Buying flowers for the first time might be daunting task for some inexperienced guys. This can sometimes stop the guy from buying flowers for their girlfriend because they have no idea where to buy it and what type of flowers are right for their girls. In this article, we will be dishing out valuable advice for the clueless guys to buy the flowers and impress their girlfriend.
Find the most suitable florist
Location does matter. For example, if you are having a date with your girlfriend in Penang (a UNESCO Heritage site), you can easily find a good florist that sells flowers at very reasonable prices. The good florists are normally the one that have essential knowledge about the flowers they are selling, with good skills in flower arrangement, and be able to offer a few suggestions on the right type of flowers based on the occasion.
Choose fresh flowers if it’s the first date
If you are meeting your girl for the first time, then you should be choosing fresh flowers. Consider ordering customized bouquet of flowers for your loved one. All you need to do is choose the flowers that she likes, or ask for the type of flowers for certain occasion, and make your order directly on a trustable online flower store, such as https://oharaflorist.com/
Find the one that provides delivery service
If you want the flowers to be more exclusive to your loved one, why not send it directly to her and let her receive at the doorstep? Find a florist that provides delivery service so you can order and send her the flowers without any hassle. Having a delivery guy to send her the flowers can appear more exclusive and will make her appreciate it more. Throw in a box of chocolate and a nicely written card and you will have the whole romantic package to impress her.
Customize your flowers according to her likings
It’s someone you adore and appreciate! When spending time with her, try to learn more about her taste in flowers, for example, what type of flowers she likes and dislikes. Perhaps you can stalk her on social media to see if she posts or shares anything she likes about flowers. Next, you can ask the florist to customize the flowers according to her preference before sending one to her.
Get ideas and help from online florists
Perhaps you find it too bothersome to go through every nearby florist that you happen to come across. You might be truly embarrassed when dealing with romantic matters like these. So try finding a florist online, and you don’t have to visit the shop at all. They will have all the packages and types of flowers that people would normally buy. In addition, you can ask for any advice on the chat room, or via live chat and they will be more than happy to give you valuable suggestions based on years of experience in gifts and flowers.
Lastly, we hope that the tips above can turn an insecure boyfriend into a Casanova in just a week. Knowing the right florist where you can bag a perfect bouquet of flowers for your loved one can be the key for a long-lasting relationship. With many new florists offering online services, such as https://oharaflorist.com/ you can find a perfect bouquet of flowers no matter where you are in Malaysia.

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