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An Incredible Method For The Arlo Base Station Setup

Press Release: January 07, 2020

06-01-2020/Las vegas/California- Netgear authorized team said to the Arlo camera users if you want to know about the Arlo Base Station Setup process with the internet connection. Then you should perform some required steps. Also, those users are facing issues with the Arlo base station offline. Then here you will get to know about all the required information. The team said to the Arlo users if you are going to set up your base station with the Arlo camera, that time you will have to keep some instructions in your mind. Also, do not forget any step while performing the base station setup process.

Needed Steps That You Keep In Mind To The Arlo Base Station Setup!

The first thing you need to is to connect your smart hub and base station to your house router by using the Ethernet cable. Also, you will have to must connect your base station to the router before power it on. Because there are a few changes, your base station may not link to your home network correctly when you power it on before connecting it to the router.

Now, you will have to connect the power adapter to the base station. After that, you need to plug it into the electrical outlet.

Then, it would help if you turned the base station on by pressing the on & off switch.

This time, you will have to wait unless the power LED & internet LED on the front of your Arlo base station turn in green color. And the power LED should blinks approx for 2 minutes. When you use the single-LED base station, that time you have to wait for approx LED turn in blue color.

Netgear certified team said if you have any queries related to the base station setup process. Then you can talk to our assistance team. With this, you want to know how to fix the Arlo base station offline problem. Then you can perform some essential steps.

Steps To Fix The Arlo Base Station Offline Issue

The first thing you need to do is check the Ethernet cable. And ensure that it is securely connected to the base station & router also.

Then you should check the power adapter. That is correctly connected to the back of the Arlo base station & plugged it to the outlet.

Now connect to the internet from another device that is directly connected to the router.

Its time to power cycle to the base station. For power cycling to the Arlo base station, you need to unplug the power adapter from the outlet & wait for 2 minutes. After a few seconds, you need to connect the power adapter to the outlet again.

Next, check the router’s DHCP settings & client list also.

If you were before able to connect to the base station from the internet connection but you are not. So check your router’s security settings too & firmware for ensuring the no changes have made.

You will have to check & ensure that ports 443 or 80 are already open in the router.

You may perform the factory reset too on the base station if needed.

Executives’ team said to the users if you want to take more information about the Arlo Base Station Setup or any issue related to this wireless camera. Then do not hesitate to make a connection with our assistance team.

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