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“An Enlightened Man” by Gary W. Hixon is published

Press Release: April 30, 2019

ISBN #978-1944156732

“An Enlightened Man” by Gary W. Hixon is published

A gripping search for religious “truth” and spiritual redemption

About the Book:

What should a deeply religious man do when he is shown an artefact that its current custodian believes contains the cryptic clues to the whereabouts of an ancient document, that when found, would destroy everything he has always believed? When events conspire to send Dr Thomas Bass’s life spiralling out of control – at a time when his mind is tormented by the consequences of how he has lived that life – the search for the ‘truth’ contained on an ancient piece of parchment takes him on a frenzied, turbulent journey of self-discovery. But Dr Thomas Bass is not the only one searching for ‘the truth’.

About the Author:

Gary W. Hixon lives in Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. He has published “The Boss Throne” which is a tale of courage, companionship and men who wish for a better life… but also of cowardice, betrayal and bloodshed which set the stage the sequel entitled “The Rogue Druid” which was published in 2009. The sequel is an epic story of warfare and bloodshed, love and loss. The central theme to the book is also one of redemption, asking whether someone who has committed the vilest of crimes and who is utterly loathed, but changes and truly repents, should be forgiven and allowed redemption.

Amazon Review for “An Enlightened Man”:

Wordly Traveller

5.0 out of 5 stars A very good book
3 April 2019
Format: Paperback

I really enjoyed this novel. It reminded me of one of Dan Brown's gripping novels with its religious, philosophical, mysterious and thriller aspects.

In this story, when Dr. Bass experiences a crisis of meaning, he sets out to find an ancient artefact and document which will either shake or reinforce his beliefs. It seems he is not the only one who is chasing this revealing and life-changing truth.

The chase is on for spiritual "truth" and redemption.

This is a good, skilfully-written novel.


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