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An Anti-Aging Enriched Mineral Water Developed By V.E.S

Press Release: April 15, 2019

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'Anti-Aging Bottled Water' V.E.S Spirits Founder Darryl Tombleson Has The World Intrigued

April 15, 2019
Top Quote "A Scientifically Proven 'Wonder Water' Is To Revitalise The Health Conscious And Assist The Medical Sectors". "With Third World Countries Being Another Focus Of Our Water Production Supply". "Everyone Deserves The Benefits Of A Mineral & Nutrient Enriched Water". John Anders Of World Health & Science Investigates End Quote

April 15, 2019 - John Anders of 'Health & Fitness Science' Investigates

One of the worlds most crucial resources is water, with bottled water sales escalating to new heights internationally, the US alone being one of the largest consumers, on average individuals purchase over 42 gallons, (or 158 litres annually).

As a bottled water fanatic, imagine my joy when 'V.E.S Enriched Creations' developed what can only be best described as a 'wonder water', a water that invigorates the body,mind and complexion all in the one sip. Over 90 minerals and nutrients combine to create a scientifically proven ingredient base that essentially acts as an anti-aging enriched mineral water.

Let me explain in a little more scientific detail,('I hear the yawn folks'), I promise to become technical just for a moment.
Cellular senescence happens when the cell ages and its function decreases, it stops dividing and changes activity, this is proportionally attributed to DNA modification, DNA damage is the primary cause of aging.

Specific natural compounds have been combined with V.E.S's enriched water that help combat dehydration more effectively than filtered tap or spring water, while assisting in the maintenance of the genome integrity-DNA repair,(proteins engulf and protect the damaged DNA and 'accompany' it until the damage can be repaired).

"I wanted to create a genuine 'super water', says Tombleson, I set about sourcing a natural, organic, nutrient dense extract as my central ingredient,(neutralised its earthy essence) and combined it with a mineral enriched water, a product that collectively contains over 90 minerals and nutrients, creating the worlds first 'wonder water', that tastes and appears like any conventional water, yet assists in the revitalisation of your metabolism".

"How can corporations deem their bottled water as healthy, with a smart or vitamin tag, when they simply consist of filtered tap water,(it gets worse), as many bottled water products include high sodium levels, chemicals, and are sugar laden, the polar opposite ingredient content to be considered a health or sports drink".

'V.E.S Anti-Aging Enriched Mineral Water' is excited to align its products with health conscious consumers who appreciate that a naturally enriched water is far superior to that of chlorinated tap or spring water.

A number of bottled water products are laden with additives, not dissimilar to the soft drinks these global conglomerates produce!!
An added bonus being, V.E.S water's core ingredient base is ideal for the manufacture of natural beauty products, to be produced in the new year.

With a focus to assist third world countries with their fresh water issues, V.E.S looks forward to an evolving future that we can all benefit from.

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