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AMS Launch New Mailing Equipment Guide for 2019

Press Release: January 08, 2019

Leading UK mailing equipment supplier AMS Mailing Systems have launched a new guide to the latest postal mail preparation solutions on the market today.

This 2019 mailing equipment guide can be used as a handbook by printers and mailing houses to provide an overview of how mailing preparation solutions can maximise productivity, add processing speed and a professional appearance to their postal mailings.

Stand alone equipment such as envelope and data inkjet printers to tabbing and labelling machines are all featured in the guide as well as fully automated solutions that can be added to existing production lines. No matter how unique a mailing preparation requirement may be, AMS’s exceptional expertise lie with their ability to provide efficient, cost effective processes most suited to each organisation.

One effective application recently added to the AMS range includes a high speed card attaching system. This mail preparation system simply attaches a card, key or coin to a letter or card which can be used for a wide range of direct mailing requirements.

The attaching system can be stand alone or added to other AMS equipment and form a production line. This means the printing, card matching/attaching, folding, inserting and sealing can be done in the same process. AMS also supply their own camera reading, tracking and integrity software allowing documents to be read on entry, tracked through the system and read again at the exit.

The software can even give a real time on screen listing of documents processed, time of insertion and enclosures selected. An error control program can then out-sort errors away from the main output conveyor stacker.

To view an online version of the new mailing equipment guide visit https://www.amsmailingsystems.co.uk/ams-2019-equipment-guide-low/

For further information or if you would like AMS to solve a mailing preparation issue you may have call 01992 460 111 or email info@amsmailingsystems.co.uk.

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