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Amplify Ventures Ltd Introducing The iFax App, One Of The Best Online Fax Services For All Kinds & Sizes Of Businesses

Press Release: June 24, 2019

How do you remain on the track just so that you don’t get sidelined? What do you do to strive? What should one adapt to? All of these and many more would definitely come across any business especially if it’s a new startup or for solo entrepreneurs and/or small to midsize cap businesses who have just launched their product and/or services. In the wake of acquiring or achieving more, these segments try and test anything that would come by that will fulfil their current and basic needs. It is not even alright for time being or temporary to adapt to these because changing & integrating system every time will cost you business operation downtime. A business can’t afford such imbalance.

iFax quickly realised all such needs of upcoming and established businesses and became the world’s first mobile fax machine that can cater to any needs of clients or customers, said Mr Adam K, CEO of Amplify Ventures Ltd. at an event. Furthermore, he added, ‘unlike many others, we have made sure that iFax follows all the compliance practice put up by HIPAA and GLBA to ensure the safe and secure online fax delivery. Rest assured, that all your fax document content is end-to-end encrypted with 128-bit TLS to ensure that your confidential data and personal information remain unreachable.

Additionally, when it comes to offering features, iFax has a wide array of them such as in-built cover page templates, fax cover notes and comments options, add a digital signature and company logo to make your clients associate with your brand. Get incoming fax notifications to your email or on any device you want. Also, they have made it possible to receive real-time fax updates on Apple Watches and Android Wear. With their ongoing approach to cater to even a larger segment of businesses, ‘iFax Corporate’ service came to being. This is incredibly helpful to those who have high-volume faxing needs, especially at incredibly low prices. With a simple online dashboard, one can easily import or create a broadcast list. If you wish to get started with iFax Corporate then pay-as-you-go pricing is the best as it comes with no commitment or risk. A true corporate grade business faxing experience of the 21st century with a simple, smart, secure and best support system. They have remarkably provided an exceptional faxing tool that made it a child’s play to send new fax online from mobile or computer. Moreover, you’ll also be able to access it from your desktop browser as they are compatible as an online web fax service provider. You can either download the app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac or try it on the web. Since 2008 iFax app is topping the chart in being the most popular fax app in the faxing industry. More than 5 million-plus users have trusted iFax as their primary means to send and receive faxes online with almost over 20 million faxes have been transmitted so far from the platform. We would definitely recommend you to try your hand on this if your business is in need of frequent or regular usage of faxes on a daily basis, especially with the free trial offer going on right now.

To get more info, you can log on to https://www.ifaxapp.com/

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