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Amplidata presents version 2.0 of their unbreakable storage system at WebHostingDay 2010

Press Release: March 15, 2010

Amplidata presents version 2.0 of their unbreakable storage system at WebHostingDay 2010

Lochristi (Belgium), March 15, 2010 Amplidata, innovator in HA storage solutions, will demonstrate the first version of their storage appliance during WebHostingDay in Cologne, Germany on March 17-18. At the event, Amplidata will show how version 2.0 of the unbreakable storage system, now available in four different products, provides unseen data availability at drastically decreased costs.

Amplidata is a turnkey implementation of the innovative Distributed Storage System (DSS) technology. DSS solves the scalability and reliability problems traditional storage systems face with the introduction of large capacity SATA drives and solid state disk. By storing data across a selection of disks that are widely distributed across storage nodes, racks and sites, data availability is improved dramatically. Amplidata reduces the risk for data loss from one event in years, as measured on current storage systems, to one in thousands of years. The DSS architecture ensures that a failure of a component such as a disk, storage node or even a full rack has no impact on data availability and a minimal impact on data redundancy. The entire system is permanently monitored and data integrity is constantly checked. As a result, bit errors on disks are proactively healed before they become an issue to the user.

While the distributed architecture provides unseen data availability, Amplidata also drastically reduces the total cost of ownership per TB of data stored. The key element to reduce the management cost is automation. The Amplidata DSS enables storage administrators to manage over ten times the capacity they could manage using current generation storage systems as Amplidata automates key operational tasks. Adding capacity requires no client reconfiguration. In the event of hardware failures, the system will survive and heal itself automatically. By avoiding unplanned urgent interventions Amplidata reduces management costs and the risk for human errors.
Amplidata guarantees high availability with low redundancy overhead. Traditional storage systems, based on RAID6 and replication, consume about 4 TB raw disk capacity for every TB stored to achieve dual disk failure safety across datacenters. Amplidata only consumes 1.4 TB disk in the same environment while guaranteeing up to 4 disk failure protection. This is a 66% reduction which translates to power, rackspace, cooling and hardware savings.
The Amplidata storage system scales by simply adding storage appliances without client reconfiguration. One can start with just a few nodes and then scale to petabytes by adding nodes as required. An environment with no more than 6 Amplidata storage nodes would be sufficient to replace a traditional replicated Raid 6 system with about 100 TB of storage.

Wim De Wispelaere, CEO, comments: "The introduction of large capacity SATA disks enabled the implementation of massive scale disk storage systems, but it also magnified issues related to bit errors and the exposure to data loss risks during RAID rebuild times. At Amplidata, we built the Distributed Storage System from the ground up to eliminate these risks and to minimize the cost of managing large numbers of disks. Currently DSS has been implemented at partners in the areas of virtualization and archiving. Today we are excited to launch our Amplidata products preinstalled on low power storage appliances.


Amplidata features four products that leverage the Distributed Storage System. Each product has unique features and benefits targeted at specific applications: AmpliStor includes standard iSCSI or FC SAN interfaces which allow integration in existing storage environments. Caching across solid state and hard disks delivers high performance, while unlimited snapshots, zero copy cloning and thin provisioning reduce raw storage consumption. AmpliVM is tuned to provide disk capacity for virtual machines. It supports cloning and migration of virtual machines without data copy or movement. AmpliCloud enables you to build private or public cloud infrastructures. AmpliVault guarantees data availability and longevity for large volumes of backup and archive data.

The Amplidata products come as pre-installed storage appliances that are designed to minimize the cost per GB and the power consumption. Multiple nodes are combined for optimal availability and to scale capacity. The combination of a 66% reduction in raw disk capacity, rack space and cooling with the energy management features of the low power appliance leads to a massive reduction in carbon footprint by implementing the Amplidata storage products in the green datacenter.

About Amplidata

Amplidata is founded by a team of storage veterans who designed the first unbreakable storage system. The Distributed Storage Technology has been developed and tuned over the last ten years and was first introduced by B-Virtual.org as foundation for cloud storage projects. Amplidata now launches the first turnkey appliance of this fully online and ultimately scalable storage system with embedded self-management and healing. It features high performance caching clients that provide primary access to the data and eliminate the need for storage tiers, backups and archives. Leveraging distributed storage technologies, Amplidata enables customers to build highly available storage infrastructures at significantly reduced cost.

The Amplidata Management team previously built duplication technology at DataCenter Technologies, acquired by Veritas in 2005 and managed datacenters at Dedigate, acquired by Terremark in 2005. The development team is responsible for patent-pending distributed storage innovations. Amplidata has its operational headquarter in Lochristi, Belgium. R&D is located in Belgium, Germany, Egypt and India. Sales and support are represented across Europe and North America

Wim De Wispelaere

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