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Amilcar Releases "At the Lounge" with a Unique Fresh Lounge Style

Press Release: June 29, 2020


Following his debut album "Vacuuming the Forest" which reached the top New Age radio charts and his successful participation on the New Age compilation "Echoes of Tuvalu", Franco-Venezuelan artist Amilcar releases the digital album "At The Lounge" after a long hiatus from the music scene with an interesting fresh lounge style.

Smoothly influenced by Bossa Nova, Electronica and 60’s grooves, this lounge album takes the listener to a fascinating trip of seductive sounds and lush rhythms.

After moving to Paris, Amilcar studied Cuban percussions at the Cité de la Musique where he started to show his enthusiasm with a popular Afro-Cuban jazz instrument: the tumbadora or conga. “I loved how the conga seamlessly blended with my instrumental music provided an organic man-made sound, it was like a perfect marriage to my songs,” he explains. “The conga gave a vibrational warmth connection with my Latin American roots, and my music style started evolving more rhythmically towards a Jazzy Lounge style.”

“I hope this album creates a bridge for fans between albums, an evolution between where I have been and a preview of where I am going,” shares Amilcar. For At the Lounge, Amilcar carefully curated the 12 tracks from tenths of tracks he has composed over the years. “The song selection was a time consuming part for me since I had enough good tracks for at least a couple of albums, but I wanted to tell with one great album a tale of both the good and the bad, light-hearted and serious side of an ordinary day. It’s an album I describe as a fascinating trip of seductive sounds and fresh lush rhythms,” Amilcar explains.

"At the Lounge" can be purchased/streamed at most music platforms worldwide: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, etc.

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