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American Nurse Practitioner Pivots Clinic Services by Home Delivering Supplies, Keeping Vulnerable Patients Safe

Press Release: July 02, 2020

With COVID cases surging upward, one medical provider pivots her clinical practice to keep her most vulnerable patients safe during the pandemic.

Dr. Kirsten Turkington is an American Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience. For the past five years, she’s provided in-home health services to her patients. In March 2020 that changed. She pivoted her clinical practice, offering home delivery of supplies to keep patients safe. 

“Many of my clients are elderly or vulnerable. I make sure my most at-risk clients stay home to minimize illness and complications. By adapting my services to specific community needs, I can keep more people healthy”.

Dr. Turkington, an experienced nurse, and clinical expert recognized the rapidly changing health environment and increasing health risks with her patients. While others struggled, she quickly and easily adapted clinical services. She offered telephone visits and online evaluations. She took phone calls from multiple local and out of state families looking for help and guidance with their local family members.

Dr. Turkington did what was necessary to keep her patients at home, including food, paper towel, and toilet paper delivery services. She even offered to pick up medical supplies and help with transportation. When a series of local fires erupted in the Cave Creek area, she was one of the first to volunteer by bringing 20 cases of water to the volunteer checkpoint. She is also offering free online information sessions to make sure everyone can get answers.

Dr. Kirsten Turkington NP is a recognized clinical expert and advocate, dedicated to improving access to high-quality care.  She exemplifies the importance of community engagement for a foundation of caring among neighbors, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Dr. Turkington focuses on improving access to quality healthcare and clinical expertise.  Follow her online at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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