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Amazon Bestselling Book Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth Great Gift For Father’s Day

Press Release: June 01, 2020

New York, NY, Jun 1, 2020 -- Celebrate Father’s Day by giving the special men in your life the Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Book in Ethnic Demographic Studies Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth. This year as you take the time to pause and celebrate the fathers in your life sharing this extraordinary book as gift along with the traditional dining experience will offer extra value to Father’s Day and will serve as icing on the cake. Very rarely do black men tell their stories and give us a glimpse into their unique perspectives; but in this book 13 men take the time to share their victories with you along with their obstacles. They all somehow miraculously muster the strength, determination, fortitude, hope, intelligence, humility to extract the highest value from their life’s lessons and give hope to all fathers through their unique lenses. “It’s time that we hear from our brothers who are doing positive things in the community and making a positive impact in the lives of others. This will be a welcomed new collection of history about black men,” says Toni Coleman Brown, Vice President of the Collaborative Experience. Contributors to this anthology represent black men from all walks of life. They vary in age, cultural backgrounds and reside in cities across the United States. The co-authors are penning experiences about life, fatherhood, friendships, relationships business and social issues as well as negative perceptions that they’ve had to face in order to survive in today’s society. Readers will be able to relate to the stories shared in the anthology and will understand that they’re not alone in their life challenges. The co-authors and their chapters are! WHEN THE ODDS ARE STACKED AGAINST YOU – TRUST GOD! by Kevin Lamar Byrd TALK ABOUT IT! by Michael James WAKE UP! by Bernard McArthur BETTER DAYS AHEAD by Malcolm Boyd SUCCESS PRINCIPLES by Jason Murray THE MAN BEHIND THE THREE-PIECE SUIT by Richard A. Celestin, Esq. AN ODE TO AUNT PERZELLA by Dr. Terry Grant ABUNDANT LIFE AFTER A HEART ATTACK by Rev. Dr. Phil Craig STAGE 5 by Milton Shelton Jr. THE MAKING OF A CHAMPION by Phil Andrews DIVINE CONNECTION by Lee Scott Coleman MY RECIPES FOR LIFE by Shawn D. Farnum MY LIFE’S JOURNEY TO TRUTH by Dr. Samuel Gilmore The former two-term President of the 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc. and President of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (New York state’s largest African American Chamber) joined the project to lend his support, as much of his life has been focused on building networks of Black Men who have a positive voice and are willing to give 100% of their efforts to empower the community. “Black Men telling their stories in this upcoming book anthology is groundbreaking and has the potential to empower an untold number of Black Men to greatness worldwide” Phil Andrews, President the Long Island African American chamber of Commerce, Inc. Phil Andrews, New York District Office of the United States SBA 2018 Small Business Champion. To purchase your copy of the book Our Stories Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth Book 1 visit http://www.ourstoriesourvoices.com/phil-andrews/ or visit Barnes and Nobile online at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/our-stories-our-voices-toni-coleman-brown/1136387908?ean=9781732840546 Media Contact: WA Public Relations Company 347-475-7158 wapublicrelationsco@gmail.com https://wa-public-relations-company.business.site

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