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Am Golhar and designer Mani Kohli discuss the evolution of British Asian women over the last 100 years

Press Release: February 14, 2018

Last week marked the 100th year anniversary since women over the age of 21 were allowed to vote and influence democratic general elections and referendums. This year marks how far women have come and how much further there is to go.

In order to celebrate this momentous milestone; business woman, presenter and influencer Am Golhar spoke to accomplished Asian designer Mani Kohli, who is a prominent figure and an internationally renowned designer of both womens and mens attire. They spoke on the subject of the history and growth of British Asian women in the century since.

During the interview, Kohli talked about her own struggles in starting a business aimed at women. She referenced an anecdote about having to go into her clients homes with her collection in order to get business when starting in the industry. At the time of her starting, there were no stores in which British Asian women could shop at. She opened her first boutique, Khubsoorat (meaning "beautiful" in Hindi) in 1985. Based in east London, she works to create haute couture fusion bridal wear, with a focus on drapery techniques and dresses. Khubsoorat also does menswear in the form of sherwanis. Her boutique has designed and dressed notable figures such as HRH Prince Andrew and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Kohli and Golhar also talk about the history and the lack of representation in terms of British Asian women and how this is now changing. With Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra in the Hollywood production of Baywatch and also MPs serving in parliament.

The two women are both very much feminists, believing that women should be vocal about their opinions and support one another in order to tackle inequality for British Asian women.

Having produced over 3500 made to order garments, Kohli is a leading fashion designer. Her creations redefine the word luxury and are known for their imitable sense of style.

She also acknowledges the social changes that have happened in the community of British Asian women and the changing perceptions of how they dress. Kohli is a competent women in her field and an expert in trends and what inspires British Asian women.

Kohli has been recognised as a hugely influential British Asian designer who has inspired the next generation to follow their career in fashion.

Image: Mani Kohli and Am Golhar in the Khubsoorat store

Video: Am Golhar Interviews Mani Kohli http://bit.ly/2nVD4EL


Notes to Editors

About Am Golhar:

Am Golhar featured in the latest campaign for the BBC Asian Network about what it is like being a British Asian women in 2018

Am Golhar is a British Born Sikh Business Woman, Presenter and influencer and has over 5k followers on Instagram

Am Golhar is a feminist advocate supporting women and womens rights internationally

Am Golhar is a Business Woman and founder of www.abstractpr.com and www.amgoman.com

Am Golhar is a presenter and interviews inspiring impactful individuals worldwide on her You Tube Channel

Am Golhar graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins over ten years ago working in the creative fashion industry previously appearing in worldwide recognised publications such as Vogue and The Telegraph

Am Golhar designed an Exclusive collection for ASOS Man

Facebook: Am Golhar
Twitter: @AmGolhar

About Mani Kohli:

Mani Kohli is the founder and lead designer at Khubsoorat. www.khubsooratcollection.com

Mani Kohli has fashioned Theresa May, HRH Prince Charles, Jay Sean and Tasmin Lucia Khan

Social Media - Facebook: Khubsoorat Collection
Instagram: @khubsooratcollection
Twitter: @khubsooratc

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