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Alstasan Silvox - Eco friendly disinfectant and fumigant

Press Release: July 02, 2017

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has earned its name as an eco-friendly disinfectant that can be used universally. The silver here functions both as a stabilizer and activator, keeping the peroxide ions stable. The resultant silver hydrogen peroxide is both safe and nontoxic for people and surroundings. This synergy of hydrogen peroxide and silver provides high efficacy in killing of microorganisms in all possible media applications of air, water, surface, and soil. It proves to be a powerful antibacterial, fungicide, virucide, amoebicide, algaecide that chips away at a wide range of microorganisms. This combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver is about twenty times more powerful than hydrogen peroxide alone.

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly unstable, causing the molecule to break along the oxygen-oxygen bond, releasing free hydroxyl radicals (OH) that serve to oxidize organic matter. The oxidizing hydrogen peroxide is corrosive on the cell membranes and inner cellular structures; then silver being non mutagenic in nature consequently changes the DNA structure, rendering them incapable of reproduction. It finds application as a disinfectant in fields of agriculture, food and beverage industries, process industries and other institutions to maintain a safe hygiene.Hydrogen Peroxide tends to breakdown into water and oxygen, and as such poses no such environmental hazard. (EPA, 2002)

Few of the noted applications:

Soil Disinfection
Pre-plantation soil treatment with this product helps in an effective soil sterilization, killing most soil microorganisms and persistent nematodes. Drip and Drench methods are another way of application, effective mostly on fungal complexes that are hard to cure otherwise. The multipurpose nature of this product cleans the pipelines as well clearing the venture nozzles, effective in drip treatment. Curative treatments include washing of the harvest to rinse off the excessive pesticide residues, dipping seeds in a silver H2O2 solution to prevent seed mortality, etc. Customary soil fumigation incorporates the use of steam, or chemicals like formalin, which needs time and other chemicals for its harmful impacts to chip off. They are generally unstable, with noted carcinogenic and phytotoxic effect. It also requires water rinsing, and at least 3 weeks between fumigation and plantation.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide usage on the contrary

• Requires no plastic covering
• No three weeks between fumigation and plantation
• No water rinsing
• No application of neutralizers

Dairy Disinfectant

Dairy items conveyed under unhygienic or unsuitable conditions have increased microbial tainting. Sanitation hones in diminishing the rate of bacterial growth and development, and disinfection significantly lessens the amount of sullied milk that finally reaches the consumers. The essential disinfectants of the two concerned organizations are inspected in relationship to the cleaning and cleansing techniques i.e. for CIP, open surfaces, environmental zones with setting illustrations for specific hygienic plants. Dairy Disinfectant addresses the concerned areas of a cowshed preventing major cow diseases like Calf Pneumonia, Coccidiosis, Ulcerative mammillitis, Cowpox, etc.

Aquaculture Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is fully miscible in water, and has good control over dilution. Diluted in water at an effective concentration, it helps treat bacterial ulcers, gill diseases, etc. Aquaculture disinfectant should be adaptable to guarantee the best well-being and cleanliness status. Application areas of an aquaculture disinfectant include treatment of water, fish tanks and equipment sanitation, fish handling plants and surrounding areas, fish egg incubator, well vessel cleansing, vehicle cleansing, etc. Multipurpose nature of this product greatly enhances effectiveness over different media, be it water, surfaces, or environments.

Poultry Disinfectant

Conditions in poultry sheds turn unhygienic, allowing multiplication of illnesses, for example, Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter. An efficient disinfection program is necessary for poultry bio-security program. The season of disinfection must be after de-populating the old chickens and entry of the new ones. The primary reason for the sanitation program still is the decrease of the quantity of pathogens. Reducing the pathogen numbers decrease the chances of disease occurrence.

The most widely recognized sorts of poultry disinfectant incorporate chemicals consisting halogens, alcohols, oxidizers, phenols, aldehydes, QACs. A poultry disinfectant demolishes pathogens, and cleans the same. A more extensive range of purification incorporates the utilization of pesticides for disposing of ailment spreading vectors, sterilization, and sanitation of defiled surfaces.

Sterilization in Hospitals
Sterilization in Hospitals or cleaning areas require special sanitizing measures as they manage patients, each with a different infectious disease, and the staff taking care of them is exposed to the same. Everybody included is presented to a higher danger of disease; require more convenient and productive cleaning instruments.

Multipurpose disinfectant which wears down a sweeping scope of microorganisms, hydrogen peroxide and silver has the tremendously required limits of sanitizing air, water and surface. FDA has endorsed 7.5% hydrogen peroxide for sterilization in hospitals.

Waste water Sanitation
Typical sewage constitutes 95% water, rest 5% being pathogens, human wastes, inorganic particles, solids particulates, broken up gases, emulsions like paints, lethal substances like pesticides, medical or bio waste, bio-solids, and some more.
Sanitization is generally done at the oxidation tanks where dangerous sulphide and cyanide are detoxified. Typical waste water sanitation is finished with chlorine requiring another de-chlorination tank. The second period of purification is done at the improvement tanks, with a little amount left in the surge to avert re-contamination in the process, guaranteeing complete waste water sanitation. Waste water sanitation systems is every now and again incorporated with treatment plant outline, yet not adequately rehearsed, due to the high cost of chlorine, or reduced power of UV where the water is not adequately clear or free of particles.

Water Sanitation
Water is the most important constituent for our survival, and it cannot be substituted, in this way its utilization or use must not jeopardize the well being of living species. Most waterborne sicknesses like typhoid, cholera, enteritis, and so forth, are a result by microbial contamination, requiring quick water sanitation to deal with the same.
Only 0.5% of water accessible is fit for drinking purposes, subsequently it must be very much molded to keep away from hygienic issues. Swimming pool treatment with silver H2O2 is also absolutely necessary as swimming pools harbour plenty of toxic natural by products discharged from swimmers by the blend of sweat, dandruff, and urine. Cooling towers give a perfect domain to the development and hatching of numerous living beings, including the Legionella bacteria.

All these areas converge in to one need i.e., hassle free effective water sanitation.

So, why choose Silver Hydrogen Peroxide?
• Cold Sterilant (Requires no heat for disinfection)
• Effective over a wide range of microorganisms at a very low concentration
• Owing to its non foaming nature, it can be used both as a cleaner and disinfectant
• Eco-friendly and biodegradable into water and oxygen (2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2)
• Odourless, colourless product
• Non tainting and non-staining in nature
• Proven non carcinogenic in nature (unlike formalin)
• Non mutagenic, with no development of microbial resistance
• Does not emit harmful fumes (unlike formalin, chlorine, bromine, and other aldehydes
• No water rinsing required after use
• Broad Spectrum (Effective on a wide range of microorganisms)
• Silver ions present give an additional benefit of bacteria-stat
• Multimedia sanitation (Air, Water, Soil, and Surface)
• Stable over a wide pH and temperature range
• Ensures rapid sterilization unlike the traditional methods
• Does not change/ alter the physical properties of a medium
• Does not induce any smell and taste to the medium
• Non flammable, minimizing transportation and storage risks
• Easy handling and can be dosed automatically/ manually
• Remains stable for a long period with a shelf life of 2 years
• No gaps in efficacy
• It works on a short contact time
• Long lasting disinfection owing to the depot effect of silver
• Ensures complete sterilization in an hour unlike the other fumigants which take a full day
• Safe and nontoxic disinfectant
• Cost effective solution

We proudly present to you Alstasan Silvox, a broad spectrum biocide for use both in and out field which synergizes the powerful oxidative properties of hydrogen peroxide and antimicrobial silver. This revolutionary product has been certified by SGS for nil content of heavy metals, FDA approved for potable water disinfection up to 25 ppm, alongside a high efficacy rate on bacteria by NDRI. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is marketed under the trade name of Alstasan Silvox by Chemtex Speciality Limited.

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