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Alpha Serve joins ‘Works with Yubikey’ program

Press Release: August 18, 2020

A new partnership has been formed between Alpha Serve and Yubico. The Works with Yubikey program is very highly regarded in the industry, with very difficult requirements for participants.

Yubico’s program is based on technology alliance and is open to products, services and applications that enable Yubico technology for both end-users and customers. There are amazing advantages to joining the program, all of which Alpha Serve will benefit from.

The Works with Yubikey program allows companies to showcase their products, with a commitment to protecting users’ accounts, identities and data. Joining allows companies to sit next to industry leaders with a shared dedication towards secure authentication. It also allows businesses to grow and expand through showcasing the very best of their integration. Page visitors can be turned into customers by informing them on how to request quotes, get in touch with the sales team or schedule a demo. Being a part of the Yubikey program helps people get to know a business. It increases preference and visibility for brands while allowing access to marketing materials.

Alpha Serve’s product, 2FA for Jira, now features on the Yubico catalogue. This app allows users to use hardware-backed YubiKeys as a second authentication factor to authenticate to Jira. It works with a range of compatible legacy YubiKeys.

U2F and TOTP allow two-factor authentication, enabling secure user login to Jira accounts. The application protects data from unsecured wi-fi connections, network data sniffing and keyloggers. It also protects sensitive information by giving users extra security. 2FA for Jira also allows users to leverage time-based authenticators apps. For example, the Yubico Authenticator is a good alternative to Google Authenticator, as it's hardware-backed. All of Alpha Serve’s apps are available on their Marketplace Vendor page

A spokesperson from the company has said: “This partnership will be incredibly beneficial for both Alpha Serve and Yubico. Having Alpha Serve’s app 2FA for Jira featuring on the Works with Yubikey program will draw more attention to our amazing product and our company. We are proud to have passed the high requirements needed to join the program, which proves the quality of our services.”

This partnership is very significant for Alpha Serve and provides another confirmation of the quality of their plugins.

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