Press Release: November 18, 2017

A new twist on your standard Christmas jumpers.

A brand new company, Aloof, has launched hand-knitted, crocheted Christmas jumpers with a unique twist. The jumper will contain 3D festive themed characters that can be purchased on their website or at Christmas markets around the country. The aim is to make Christmas jumper shopping a fun, positive experience, rather than a dull, repetitive chore that it has grown to be.

Jess Boughan and Sangeeta Nandi’s light bulb moment occurred when realising the Christmas jumper market contained the same recycled styles from previous years, being sold over and over again. They decided to create their own unique jumpers which led to them wanting to share their creation with the world.

The founders first came across the miniature amigurumi style of crochets when their friend handmade a snowman figure with this technique, in which, they instantly fell in love. This became the basis of their design - “a high quality jumper made with intricately selected wool and delicate fibres, each adorned with ample hand-knit Christmas themed crochets”.

“Our motto is to empower and inspire people with our designs” says Jess and Sangeeta. The company owners decided to make their dreams a reality after finding out corporate jobs weren’t as they desired. After originally playing by the book, they knew they wanted to break-free and do something that would draw the passion and dedication from within to use it for something they had longed to do.

The pair re-imagined the once negative connotation of “Aloof”, to see it as being in your own world and being yourself. They express this vision in their products, making them customisable so that every customer can have a completely unique design that nobody else owns. They state that if their vision could be summarised to just a sentence it would be a famous quote from Marilyn Monroe: “better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!”

Shop Aloof will soon be visiting Christmas markets around the country to share this essential item needed for all, this Christmas. But if bearing the cold, winter days isn't for you, then the online store will be be most ideal to cosy up and customise your unique jumpers, from the warmth of your own home.

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