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Almond Ace Packing Completes Purchase of Processing Plant Real Estate; Announces Plan to Expand and Upgrade Facility

Press Release: May 13, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

RIPON, CALIFORNIA—Almond Ace Packing, Inc., a grower-owned almond processing and export company, announced the successful purchase of its current processing plant and surrounding real estate in Ripon, California, along with an option to more than double its production campus and footprint over the next five years.

Almond Ace Packing, Inc. was founded in 2010 by the Tilbury family, who farm almonds and walnuts locally. In five short seasons, Almond Ace has blossomed from initial concept to an internationally-recognized and award-winning processor and exporter of high-quality almonds, manufactured almonds, and walnuts. Almond and walnut production volumes are increasing at double and triple digits annually, and the company now manufactures and exports more than 15 million pounds of almonds to domestic and international markets each year.

This growth led Almond Ace to initiate negotiations to purchase the underlying real estate at its Ripon processing plant in the fall of 2014. With a careful eye on future expansion and upgrading its current processing facility, Almond Ace also negotiated purchase rights on the adjacent parcel which would increase the company’s current campus by 100%.

“We are expanding our production volumes and wanted to lock in additional room for expansion,” said Anthony Mello, CEO of Almond Ace Packing Inc. “We’re pleased to now have the ability to double our facility’s overall footprint and upgrade our current processing plant, equipment, and infrastructure.”

Mello cited the tremendous support of Almond Ace’s shareholders, expanding customer base, dedicated & hard working employees, and current almond and walnut growers as the key impetus behind the expansion strategy. “We have worked very hard to target the top 10% of payout for our growers and to expand our customer base to high spec buyers willing to pay a premium in the marketplace,” stated Mello. “This has led to increased prices, more processing volume, additional customers, and record payouts to our growers.”

Almond Ace Packing, Inc. currently processes and exports almonds in bulk, shelled and unshelled, to more than 30 countries worldwide. It also recently added other manufactured nut products to its product line-up, and began processing walnuts at its sister company, Ace Walnut Company.

For additional information about this story or Almond Ace Packing, please visit Almond Ace’s website at www.almondace.com or contact Anthony Mello.

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