Press Release: March 08, 2010

On the doorstep of National Allergy Week (10th May 2010) parents of babies and young children suffering from conditions such as asthma and eczema will be relieved to know there is a breakthrough product available that can drastically reduce their childs misery and symptoms.

The PurFlo mattress is a unique concept that dispels the common household dust mite (HDM) often associated with asthma, eczema and similar allergies.

The mattress consists of a fully breathable mesh SleepSurface fitted over a hollow frame that not only comfortably supports a child better than a conventional mattress, but also allows free air circulation preventing the re-breathing of CO2.

The SleepSurface is totally washable making it not only extremely hygienic, but ensures that dust mites, bacteria and fungi, which often lurk within a traditional mattress, are completely removed.

Substantiating the amazing health benefits of the PurFlo mattress is the case study of Georgia Baynes from the West Midlands, a chronic asthma suffering who experienced an incredible improvement in her condition when her parents exchanged her traditional cot mattress for a PurFlo one.

Her mother Melissa, a student psychiatric nurse, said: Georgia had been waking up to eight times in the night requiring her inhaler and medication and was exhausted and unsettled.

In just a few weeks of sleeping on the PurFlo mattress, we saw a big difference and Georgia only wakes once during the night now and sometimes doesnt need her asthma medication at all. She is happy, bright and bubbly again shes like a different little girl.

Dust mites, fungi and bacteria in mattresses can also cause considerable irritation to sufferers of skin conditions. Amanda and Keith Wardells daughter Katrina developed eczema, with the discomfort of itchy, cracking skin waking her throughout the night, they tried everything to ease her symptoms from changing washing powders to new creams, but nothing seemed to make a difference until they replaced her mattress with a PurFlo one.

Since Katrina has been sleeping on the PurFlo mattress her eczema has improved dramatically. Her skin is no longer cracked and she is altogether a happier child. Even her Health Visitor has noticed what a difference the PurFlo mattress has made to her eczema the peace of mind it has given us and health benefits to Katrina have been priceless.

Professor Peter Fleming, Professor of Infant Health and Development Physiology at the University of Bristol, who is one of the worlds leading experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), has hypothesized on the subject of Asthma and the PurFlo mattress and commented: The PurlFlo mattress poses interesting possibilities. It has huge potential and offers a good opportunity to carry out research on how the exposure to house mites affects asthma.

Keeping a babys sleeping environment as hygienic and irritant-free as possible, the PurFlo SleepSystem also includes a range of technologically advanced SleepSacs made with a 100% Bamboo Dream lining, which is not only incredibly soft, but provides totally natural anti-bacterial protection.

For more information about the PurFlo SleepSystem visit www.purflo.com or call 0121 550 0353.


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