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All your vending needs from Apple Vending

Press Release: August 26, 2015

If there is one thing that is paramount to keeping your work force happy during the warm weather, it is ensuring that they are adequately hydrated. There have been various scientific studies into the affects dehydration has on one's brain power, all results have proved that dehydration causes fatigue, anger and mood swings, which doesn't create a happy and productive work environment. Does your office have a bottled water cooler or cold drink vending machine? If not, you may want to suggest this to your employer as a means of health and safety.
Just 1% dehydration has been shown to impact productivity by up to 12%, the more an employee suffers from dehydration, the quality of their work will degrade, with 3 – 4% dehydration bringing about a 25 – 50% decline in worker's performance.
To get the best from your workforce you can try implementing various refreshment points around your office so your employees can focus on their job, and not how thirsty or hungry they are. By adding vending machines to your office you are giving your employees more freedom as to what they can consume during their shift as they may not be able to leave the office are may have already brought some food and drink with them from home. There are options of bottled water coolers, coffee machines or other hot drinks vending machines.
Depending on the size of your business will depend on your employees demand and need for on site food. If you are running quite a small operation where a canteen isn't feasible, then a food vending machine may be the answer, offering your workers the opportunity to get a sandwich from inside the office.

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