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All You Need to Know About Floating Staircases

Press Release: December 08, 2020

Leading UK staircase provider shares tips on finding the best floating solution for your home.

Floating staircases can add a brilliantly modern and stylish appeal to your home. It is a fantastic space-saving solution and tends to brighten up any room with an abundance of light simply flowing through. Yet, there are certain aspects you need to consider before making the final decision says Nick Rackham, the sales manager to one of the leading providers of staircases in the UK, Complete Stair Systems.

“Even though floating staircases can be a wonderful addition to homes, it might not be the best match for yours,” Rackham states. He then continues to highlight the importance of safety. It isn’t always the best solution if you have children or elderly parents living with you. Even if you rely on a trusted partner in the industry such as their team and you can be sure that all measures are in place to make it a safe construction that features all the requirements as per building regulations, it might not be safe by design. Rackham emphasises that the gap between the treads can sometimes be a reason for concern. He continues by stating that their team can however deliver various design changes to overcome these concerns to a certain degree and they’ll always advise their clients accordingly. 

“Other aspects you need to consider for your design is what kind of material you would want to use. Many clients opt for a combination of wood and steel, but it is also possible to add other materials to provide a distinctly unique feel to your staircase,” Rackham continues.

He says that often lighting plays a huge role in the presentation of such a unique design. You can use lighting placements to add to the visual appeal of the construction, to add sufficient light to contribute to safety, or simply to make it a focal point in your decor. 

The area where you are planning to install the staircase is also a contributing factor to the kind of design you are opting for. You’ll often see this kind of staircase option in open plan designs as it contributes to the flow of air and light throughout the entire room.

As Rackham also emphasises, floating staircases are brilliant features to achieve a specific interior appeal suitable for many homes across the country. If you are sure that it is the perfect solution for your home, you have the freedom to add unique features to it and showcase your personality with style. 

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