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All You Need to Know About Embroidery Digitizing

Press Release: January 22, 2021

We are living in the age of digital industrialization today. Every process we conduct daily, including embroidery, is digitized. Today's multi-needle embroidery machines will stitch a pattern on a variety of cloths in a row. This results in improved efficiency and a decline in the cost of output.

Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing embroidery is the method of transforming a pattern of embroidery into a type that is machine-readable. In this process, an embroidery artwork is transformed using software into a digital file. Then, the embroidery machine reads the file and understands the needle's course. Nearly all embroidery machines have their own apps. This helps us, when reading the instructions from a digitized text, to monitor the functions.

Digitizing Process

As described earlier, the process of translating embroidery patterns into a machine-readable form is embroidery digitizing. The digitizer uses specialized software like Wilcom or Pulse to generate a set of commands to direct the machine while sewing the pattern. The method is performed stitch by stitch and can also be time-consuming to digitize complex designs. When you go around the artwork, putting the needlepoints, the entire route is traced. The file is saved and uploaded to the computer once all the points are established.

The whole method may sound straightforward, but in fact it is not so. It is important to process each stitch with the machine's mechanical attributes. You will be able to see the embroidery pattern on the screen until every stitch is done. To understand the location of each stitch, an expert embroidery digitizer is required so that every second can be saved while embroidering the pattern.

Can a Non-Artist Become a Digitizer?

People with an artistic curve of mind are much better able to understand designs than a non-artistic person. But you do not need to be an artist to digitize embroidery. This is because digitizing embroidery does not mean creating an artwork from scratch. It is all about translating an existing template into a format that is machine-readable.

The role of an embroidery digitizer is to obey a specific set of rules to make the design machine readable. Therefore, no previous art experience is needed to become an embroidery digitizer.

Where to Learn Embroidery Digitizing?

Digitizing embroidery tends to be tough and initially frustrating. But note that digitizing embroidery is a skill that can be learned by practice. No course or school teaches digitization of embroidery better than literally teaching it yourself. Skilled digitizers of embroidery have either learned it from their seniors or by method of trial and error.

As for the time needed to learn to digitize embroidery, you can learn to do simple designs in a week. You can fully understand the program and its functions within a week's time and can start working on the design.

However, you should practice a lot to work as a professional embroidery digitizer, because it can take years to master the skill and produce designs that are masterpieces that cannot be replicated by other digitizers.

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