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All Round CBD introduce Turmeric Infused CBD to better serve Hemp Oil users

Press Release: June 01, 2020

Top CBD brand seeks to redefine the industry with CBD infusions.

01/05/2020- Birmingham United Kingdom- Since their inception top Hemp Oil company All Round CBD has been testing the boundaries of what’s possible with CBD Oil. By experimenting with different ingredients and techniques they’ve come to formulate a unique dual-purpose supplement called Turmeric infused CBD.

“We researched the benefits of Turmeric as a potential compliment to our Hemp Oil. What we found was a wealth of research into Turmeric’s effects on the body” Shyam Kotecha, Director All Round CBD

The company recently published these findings into Turmeric on their site. Here’s a breakdown of what they found:

  • A study by Mohanty, Arya, and Gupta 2006showing how Turmeric administered for one month brought “significant cardioprotection and functional recovery”
  • Turmeric’s active ingredient Curcumin helps support joints and cartilage through anti-inflammation properties. Phytotherapy Research had a study where people with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis took a Curcumin supplement and saw significant improvements in pain and better physical function in six weeks compared to those given a placebo.
  • All Round CBD also looked into Randy Horowitz’s, professor of medicine at Arizona College of Medicine, research into how Curcumin works in the body as an anti-inflammatory. The research shows that inflammatory proteins called cytokines made by the body are “turned off” by Turmeric.

These findings prompted All Round CBD to start formulating their own Turmeric supplement. However, as a Hemp Oil company, they also needed something relevant to their industry. The solution was simple- combine Hemp Oil with Turmeric for a dual combination supplement.

CBD and its related cannabinoids compliment Turmeric’s benefits as they work together to support normal functioning of the body’s systems. All Round CBD also read into other popular Turmeric combinations, such as black pepper. Therefore they add some natural Bioperine (black pepper extract) into their product to increase absorption in the body.

Clear directions of use are a policy of All Round CBD’s code of ethics. They make sure the consumer knows exactly what they’re getting with each dose of Turmeric infused CBD. For instance, they outline that each half-pipette dose of the product garners 25mg CBD, 23.75mg Curcumin and 1.25mg Bioperine.

Furthermore, Philip Barr, MD, head of Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke University in Durham recommends people take two 500mg Turmeric supplements per day in order to reap some Curcumin. Which is just as well as All Round CBD’s Turmeric infused CBD has exactly 500mg Turmeric.

About All Round CBD

All Round CBD is a forward-thinking company with a future vision to re-introduce Hemp back into people’s diets by producing CBD products such as CBD capsules and CBD spray. They also research into combination CBD supplements like Turmeric infused CBD. You can read more on this unique supplement here.

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