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All is not well in Local Authority Planning

Press Release: March 17, 2010

Planning departments up and down the country are struggling to cope with the number of applications submitted to them, their long suffering customers are discontented and applications are persistently taking far longer than necessary to process.

Amazingly, many Planning Departments that fall victim to these issues still meet their Government targets some with ease. How could that be? Simply put, the Government targets arent built around the things that matter to the applicants.

In light of these failings, Vanguard Scotland have put together a brief report and web cast which turn the spotlight on why the problem has come about, what solutions have already been tried without success and importantly, what a sustainable solution should look like.

Included Topics:

Why is a smooth running Planning System essential?
What are the core problems we are facing?
Why government targets have failed to change the situation
Why a sound idea like pre-application advice can turn into its own laboured industry
The link between the validity of applications and unnecessary rework
How focusing on the performance of individual planners wont help the work but will hurt morale
Pragmatic easily understandable advice on what to do to turn the tide and reduce the time to determine applications
Methods to ensure improvements are sustainable and robust

It is hoped that this unique outlook and summary of key issues, in what is often a contentious public service, will reach those a position to implement these tried and tested suggestions, unlocking the full potential of their Planning Authority and in the process making significant improvements to their service to customers and their costs.

The free briefing is available to the public at www.vanguardscotland.co.uk/planning.html

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