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All Good Men Come With Big Packages. 3 in 5 Men Underestimate The Importance Of Size.

Press Release: March 10, 2010

Does size matter? A basic Google search will give you over 70,000,000 possible sources to solve the debate, but a recent survey by Smooch.com shows that 64% of men underestimate the importance of size.

Over 4,000 members of the free online dating website Smooch.com were asked whether size really mattered. The data highlighted that 25% more women than men believed that size does matter.

Some may suggest that size does not matter within a loving, long-term relationship, but theyd be wrong. Surprisingly, women who were looking for romance and marriage online were the most size conscious. Whilst 50% of those looking for marriage and 47% of those looking or romance said that size did matter, those looking for fun were the least concerned (40%) by the size.

Intriguingly, the results also appear to validate the theory that men who drive around in big flashy cars are over-compensating for something else. Men with a high-range salary were the most likely (45%) to believe that size does matter.

Smooch surveys are extremely detailed, incorporating information about its respondents as detailed as height, weight and education, allowing us to compile the ultimate man-ual to help men find their perfect fit:

Bigger is better for:
67% of women in Bournemouth, Bromley and Chester
60% of women who dont like children
54% of women with a Masters degree
51% of women who wear contact lenses
47% of women with long and curly hair
47% of red-heads
45% of slim women
44% of women with the starsign Gemini
43% of women aged 41-50
43% of women who regularly drink

Its the motion of the ocean for:
80% of women in Southampton and 78% of women in Nottingham
72% of women with 4 or more children
72% of women who wear glasses
72% of women who smoke heavily
69% of women aged 18-24
69% of women with short, curly hair
67% of women who are teetotal
65% of women with the starsign Sagittarius
62% of women with light brown hair
61% of women who are between 5ft and 5ft 3.

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Smooch.com polled 4,227 members over a 12 hour period. Members responses remain anonymous, however, detailed statistics such as age, height, weight, build, attractiveness, hair colour, hair style, facial hair, drinking and smoking habits, education, salary and even star sign are readily available on request.

About Smooch:
Established in 2007, Smooch.com is the UKs fastest growing dating website. It has all the features of expensive dating sites but is completely free to join and to contact all members. It has 450,000 active members with around 1500 new members joining every day. Smooch.com was featured in the Times Business supplement and in The Economist in 2009.

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