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All About The Luxe Link, a New York-based Luxury Personal Shopping Service

Press Release: February 10, 2017

In October 2006, ShopGopher – a cross-border, luxury shopping service based in New York City – was born. “It actually began with friends and associates in Asia asking for my help with items they could not find in their own countries,” explains Francis Seow, Co-Founder and CEO of The Luxe Link®.

Utilizing only a very small online advertising budget, Mr. Seow acquired his first official client within minutes of launching his website. It was clear that there was a need for a service such as ShopGopher, which provided anyone based outside of America access to its online and traditional retailers. Within a few months, ShopGopher had clients in over 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, France, Germany, and many more.

While ShopGopher’s client base grew steadily, there were years when the company did not accept new clients. “Rather than strive for growth, we honed in on service excellence for our existing clients.” In recent years, Mr. Seow’s clients expressed a deep desire for the brand’s expansion; in 2016, he decided to re-brand and re-launch as The Luxe Link, and broaden his team.


ShopGopher was created in 2006, because at the time, there was no easy way for luxury shoppers to purchase items from the United States if they did not actually reside there.

Ten years later, this remains largely true. While websites and apps seemingly allow shoppers to buy goods from “anywhere” these days, the reality is that product availability is restricted by borders. Agreements are in place all over the world between wholesalers and merchants which prevent cross-border shopping. Other obstacles exist as well, such as online payment gateways which only accept credit cards based in the same country as the merchant; issues with logistics and delivery; slow service execution and more.
The Luxe Link® provides the world the best access to America’s online and traditional retailers, and we deliver to virtually anywhere in the world.

Based in New York City, The Luxe Link consists of a team of Luxury Specialists who all share a handful of passions: we love fashion, we love to shop, and we love helping our clients. Every day, we procure rare and exclusive products, and deliver them straight to our clients' doorsteps.


The Luxe Link® is a service, and not a re-seller of goods. Based in New York City, our Luxury Specialists love finding the hard-to-find and rare items, to the delight of our clients. We then deliver directly to their doorsteps.

Our goals: to provide our clients the best access to America’s online and traditional retailers, and to provide excellent and personalized customer service.

We understand how frustrating it can be to try and make an online purchase, only to discover at the point of check-out that the desired item cannot be delivered to your location. We also understand the disappointment of seeing something in a magazine or online, falling in love with it, then discovering you have no way of purchasing it, due to issues with geography and payment.

We remove these, and all obstacles for our clients, and enable them to shop in America as if they were a local. Our team of Luxury Specialists are ready to handle all our clients’ requests, and we strive to keep the process simple and very user friendly.


1. Our clients contact us via email, by using WhatsApp or by sharing any online wish lists with us. They can place an order by providing us a weblink or an image of the item they would like to purchase.

2. One member from our team of Luxury Specialists receives the order, and follows that order from start to finish. This ensures the best possible customer service for that client, with friendliness, continuity and efficiency.

3. Our clients receive a response within hours. Once our Luxury Specialist has located the item, he or she provides a detailed summary of the order, clearly indicating in each line item all the associated fees, including our 10% service fee, an estimated FedEx shipping charge, any applicable sales taxes, and more.

4. When the client is ready to secure their purchase, the Luxury Specialist provides a payment link, and with just a couple of clicks, the purchase is complete.

5. When the item has arrived at our office, the Luxury Specialist inspects it for accuracy and quality assurance, and carefully packs the item for delivery.

6. If the client has made multiple purchases, the Luxury Specialist can wait until all the items have arrived, and will combine the order into the fewest number of boxes possible, saving the client unnecessary shipping charges. Once all the items have arrived, the Luxury Specialist carefully packs all the items for delivery.

7. The Luxe Link uses FedEx for delivery, exclusively. Through FedEx, our clients enjoy the ability to track their packages, and in just a few days' time, our clients receive everything they requested.


LOCATION We are ideally located in New York City, one of the world's fashion capitals, with our fingers on the pulse of the local retail scene. Not only is every major luxury label in the world represented here, New York is also an incubator for America's hottest up-and-coming designers. Moreover, the city offers dozens of thriving independent labels, sought after for their quality, exclusivity and avant garde attitude. Imagine a label so exclusive, and their production run so small that they do not even yet have a web presence. These are the labels The Luxe Link is able to offer up to our clients, who love being at the forefront of fashion.

SERVICE We have a proven 10-year track record of service excellence. Our team of Luxury Specialists respond quickly to our clients, because we know how rapidly items can sell out, and how limited items can be. We have loved getting to know our clients – many of whom have used our service from Day One – over the years. We know their taste, and can proactively suggest items which we believe they will enjoy; we know their sizing and can advise on how items fit; we enjoy a personal relationship with them, and happily assist with all their shopping needs. We are truly their personal shopping concierge in the USA.

COMMUNICATION Our clients can easily reach us by email or WhatsApp with their requests. They are also often able to chat with our team of Luxury Specialists in real time. Great communication is vital, and of the utmost importance to us. We also provide our clients with the convenience of tracking their orders any time, so that they will know exactly when their items will be delivered to their doorsteps.

NO HIDDEN FEES Our 10% service charge is honest and straightforward. Our clients never guess at our pricing; our clients never wonder about hidden fees, because quite simply, there are none.

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