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Alex and Company- Ever sustainable jewelry designs in Newton, MA

Press Release: November 19, 2020

In jewelry creation, the design speaks volumes about the wearer and the jeweler. Quality is what every customer is aiming for when looking for fine jewelry. Very few companies in the world provide sustainable custom designed jewelry. Alex and Company are among them. Although fine jewelry comes in various price tags that range from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is always good to look for a reliable jewelry company that offers high-quality fine jewelry.


Alex and Company is an established jewelry company known for creating unique and sustainable custom designed jewelry. When you are buying fine jewelry, you want it to last long. Even when it gets damaged, you want to restore it so you can keep on enjoying it for a long time. When you buy jewelry from Alex and Company, you can rest assured that it would be repaired and restored in its previous state if anything happens to the jewelry. All our custom designed jewelry are unique because we have years of experience in jewelry making. It is a reputable jewelry company in Newton, MA. Alex and Company know that each customer is unique. That's why we take our time to understand their needs when it comes to custom-designed jewelry.


Sustainable jewelry allows our customers to enjoy their jewelry for years. Some of our custom jewelry is quite expensive, and if you can't restore them when they are damaged, it will be a significant loss. What our customers like about our custom-designed jewelry is that it offers repair and restoration for damaged pieces. No matter how unique your jewelry design is, we can repair it to look as good as new. It makes all our custom designed jewelry sustainable. Many people have stashed away old jewelry in their drawers because they believe they are old and done. Alex and Company offer GIA certified diamond rings meaning that our appraisals meet the universal jewelry standards.


Buying jewelry requires keenness and knowledge in jewelry to avoid buying fake or counterfeit jewelry. If you fail to look for a reliable jewelry company with years of experience, you may end up with folly jewelry that isn't even worth a quarter of what you bought it for. Our unique custom designed jewelry like diamond rings, necklaces, and watches are quite stylish. We always deliver, no matter how elaborate your custom designed jewelry is. Pearl stringing is among the jewelry restoration services that Alex and Company offer. When you wear your pearl necklace or bracelet for a long time, you will realize that the pearls will start to get loose and move out of place. If you have such jewelry, you can count on us to restore it to its original state. Please don't put it away when you can have it repaired to look as good as new.

Alex and Company use state of the art equipment when designing custom jewelry. Using the latest tech in jewelry creation allows us to create unique jewelry pieces rare to find anywhere else. Besides all these services, we also make it easy for our customers to buy expensive jewelry by offering jewelry financing. Customers who can afford to pay cash can deposit a down payment and spend the rest in easy monthly installments. It means you can get her that expensive six karat diamond ring for your engagement.

About Alex and Co Jewelers 

Alex and Company is a family of jewelers that designs and sells unique and authentic jewelry in Newton, MA. We attend to our clients through appointments. We offer bespoke jewelry and jewelry financing to those who can't afford to pay cash. To get more details about Alex and Company Jewelers, visit us at https://alexandcompany.com/.

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