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Air-shuttling to resume from Scottish airports from today!

Press Release: April 20, 2010

The news has came as a relief for all the frequent fliers who were left stranded after the Volcanic eruption, followed by the formation of ash clouds which over-shadowed the entire British aviation industry. Meanwhile, price comparison industry has also heaved a sigh of relief after clouds of uncertainty looming large over the head of the travel insurance industry have got cleared. So, one can expect that people will start pouring in large numbers, once again to compare Travel Insurance deals.

However, the restrictions are in place for the core UK region. Interestingly, the issue of volcanic ash cloud has dispelled fears about the occurrence of T20 world cup edition scheduled to start towards the end of this month among the cricket lovers. Although nothing can be said with absolute permanency yet it is believed that the constantly changing weather dynamics are making the task of met and Nats department extremely difficult. The next forecast will be broadcast after 7 AM, when situation will be reviewed again by experts today.

Everything said and done, price comparison along with travel insurance industry can now expect that the situation will return back to normalcy once this ash cloud settles down. After all, they would be anticipating more and more people to buy their products after they compare travel insurance quotes at the comparison websites.

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