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Agriplus.in - Digital Agriculture platform for Farmers in India

Press Release: June 22, 2020

Agriplus.in is a Digital Agriculture platform for Farmers in India.

We have launched the website agriplus.in and Mobile Application for Android

Our objectives are to:

- Provide information to Farmers such as latest Mandi commodity prices, Weather updates and Crop management, crop protection and crop nutrition information.

- Build a community of farmers & agriculture professionals who can collaborate more effectively.

- Create an online B2B classifieds platform to allow discovery of Agricultural organizations, farmers and products

- Online marketplace for Farmers for purchase of input products i.e. Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Equipment etc.

- Build an online marketplace to allow wholesale and retail sale of agricultural produce.

Farmers are the backbone of our Nation. We aim to empower farmers by providing them with the right solutions, products and services.

We would like to help the farmers with knowledge & advisory in various aspects of farming such as Soil testing & Soil health, Crop management, Crop production, Crop nutrition & protection to help them get a better yield.
We will engage experts in the agricultural domain to advice farmers for the same and also provide live online Agro advisory for quick solution of farmers problems.

Tie-ups with Agri universities will be helpful for availing the latest and best farming practices.

Farmers require knowhow on Mandi prices, Commodity trading to empower them to get the right price for their crop. This portal will help them in sharing information and help them in buying and selling their produce.

We have plans to build the largest networking community for them to directly connect them with Agri experts.

Farmers from all over India can join us and share information regarding the daily problems faced by them.

We will provide guidance right from seed sowing to various market linkages.

The farmers can get knowledge in various methodologies such as organic farming, farm machinery, latest technology development in farming etc.

We help farmers to get access to various government schemes, loan facilities and provide regular information on weather, crop security measures etc.

Agriplus.in is interested to work with different agricultural stakeholders in implementation of the latest techniques in farming.


Agriplus will tie-up with government bodies and farmer welfare associations, NGOs who help in Farmer upliftment.

Agro-based E-commerce is a growing field and gaining traction all over India.

We would like to be the one-stop shop for Farmers in their all-round improvement.


Get in touch with us at [email protected]


Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Vipul Kapadia

Tel: +91-98200 34850

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