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AGP World One's Breakout into USA: Limitless with Nicolai Friedrich

Press Release: January 14, 2021

[SEATTLE, WA, Jan 11, 2021] — Nicolai Friedrich is a new age magician who has performed more than 3000 shows in countries like Germany, USA, Dubai, India, Hong Kong, to name a few. He has astounded the audience in every single venue that he has performed in and his most prominent take away is leaving the audience gasping in disbelief. 
The mentalist maestro has bagged numerous accolades & awards like the best performer award in the 'Mental Magic' category at the prestigious ‘FISM World Championship of Magic’ in Beijing & Siegfried & Roy 'Sarmoti Award' in Las Vegas. 
This time, the famed German magician and mentalist Nicolai Friedrich returns to the land of the dreams and opportunity, in an all-new avatar! He brings with him his repertoire of experiments, charisma and flair that will spellbind you and your family, live all the way from Germany, courtesy of AGP World One. 
From Mystery Kits to predictions, this virtual mentalism spectacle is ready to entertain you from the word go! Nicolai’s signature “Mona Lisa Smile” is an example of that, a trick so remarkable that David Copperfield himself bought the exclusive US-TV-rights of this act. Additionally, in 2017, he had successfully predicted the TOTO (Singaporean Lottery). 
Get ready to witness the magic unfold, live from the comfort of your homes... 
Event Details: 
Date: January 23 
Time: 6:00 PM PST 9:00PM EST 
Venue: Your Home – Zoom/Stellar Tickets 
Tickets: https://www.stellartickets.com/events/agp-world-one/limitless-with-nicolai-friedrich?aff=press 
About AGP World: 
AGP World One are content producers from India who have migrated their intellectual properties from live to digital. With over 25 years in the theatre, events/ experiences and Art business the strategic roadmap into digital has been launched. 
Website: https://agpworld.com 

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