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Agile Project Management: Best Agile Practices and Methodologies for Teams

Press Release: June 18, 2020

Agile methodology can increase the chances of any project to succeed by focusing on continuous product improvement through a large number of sprints and releases. Being first developed for the manufacturing industry, this project management methodology caught on in other industries, including the software development industry by replacing traditional methods of project management.

We tried to figure out what is the difference between Agile and the Waterfall method, how the Agile best practices look like, and how businesses become Agile. All of this is described in our new article. 

Looking ahead, it can be theorized that even if you have never applied the Agile methodology for managing project teams and product development, it would not be an obstacle for you to start applying it.

What is Agile? This is an approach to project management according to which all bureaucratic aspects are cut off. The focus is on improving the product quality and its customer value. The core feature of Agile is a human-oriented approach that means that people matter: not only the project manager influences the work process but all project team members contribute to common business within the daily work and meetings. 

There is an Agile Manifesto that defines 4 values ​​and 12 principles of the Agile methodology, according to which it becomes possible to apply these methods in companies no matter what mindset, culture or work rules are set there.

Are you wondering, if there are specified Agile skills required? That’s right, certain skills are required. Read our article to figure out what exactly these skills are. You can find here also an overview given on the most popular Agile practices, including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and others. 

How do they differ from each other? Which ones are the best suited for you? How beneficial are they for your business?



Find out more while reading our latest article https://ddi-dev.com/blog/programming/agile-project-management-best-practices-and-methodologies/

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