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Aggregion, in collaboration with Intel, released a new universal application

Press Release: November 17, 2015

Aggregion, in collaboration with Intel, released a new universal application optimized to run on 2-in-1 devices. Aggregion allows harmonizing work with electronic textbooks from various publishers and provides broad functionality for educational tasks. Aggregion is optimized to run on standard 2-in-1 devices, as well as on 2-in-1s based on Intel® Education, combining the mobility advantages of tablets with the productivity and ergonomics of mobile PCs and providing students with the best characteristics of both device categories. At a click of a button, a 2-in-1 device transforms from a laptop that students can use to prepare presentations and reports to a tablet, which they can use during excursions and out of class activities or when collecting data for science projects.
The app automatically detects the state of the 2-in-1 device: if a keyboard is connected, Aggregion displays an interface for entering information and controlling the device using a physical keyboard and computer mouse, and if there is no keyboard, data input is done using the on-screen keyboard.
Interfaces can be switched both automatically and using configurable settings. Aggregion supports multi-touch for zooming displayed content or touchscreen page flicking. Thus, Aggregion allows students to work comfortably with an e-textbook on 2-in-1 devices in various usage scenarios, both in the classroom and outside school hours. Thanks to the Intel® Wireless Display Technology (Intel® WiDi), the new app has a presentation mode and allows displaying content using a wireless connection. Now the teacher can display the content of a certain page on the screen for students to work with, and at the same time continue using the computer for other educational tasks (entering grades in an electronic grade book, preparing files for distribution, finding links to additional material, making notes in the textbook). Aggregion allows working not only with electronic educational content but also with any resources on the Internet, thus minimizing the use of third-party programs.
The app works on Windows® (version 7 and higher) and Android® (version 4.2 and higher). Other Aggregion functions include various e-textbook display modes (two page spread, single page); jumping to a specific page; interactive tables of contents; working with interactive tasks from the e-textbook; simultaneous work with several textbooks. There is a full-text search feature and options for sharing files between the teacher and students even within a local network. In addition to education, the application can be used in business and retail sales providing opportunities for demonstrating the benefits of 2-in-1 devices combining the mobility of a tablet and the power of a laptop. Thanks to alternative input, 2-in-1 users can use the keyboard for work and the touchscreen for entertainment. Easy switching between full-featured PC and tablet mode allows the user to solve any problems.

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