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Aggregion and Intel have recently had a discussion on their prospective collaboration in Poland.

Press Release: December 13, 2015

Representatives of the two companies considered various aspects of their cooperation distributing digital content on the Polish market and, in the future, those of other Eastern European countries.
The parties agreed that a partnership between Aggregion, a multilingual cloud platform for licensing and distribution of digital content, and Intel Corporation, a major global manufacturer of semiconductor chips and other computer components, will give a powerful developmental impulse to Poland's digital content market. Collaboration between Aggregion and Inter could develop in a number of different areas, such as creating digital solutions for schools and institutions of higher learning, publishers and libraries, as well as developing new content distribution channels and partnership networks.
In the past, joint projects run by the two companies in other geographical areas helped them acquire some unique experience developing innovative solutions for businesses and private individuals.
Schools in many European countries make routine use of online student journals and LMS platforms, all of which use a hodgepodge of different user registration mechanisms and access management software. Aggregion is offering a solution that could make use of the growing demand for such online platforms and help increase sales of Intel equipment by way of bundling it with digital content.
A similar project is already operating in Russia in cooperation with the leading Russian online school platform, dnevnik.ru The breadth of the project's audience speaks for itself: every other Russian school is connected to that platform that serves over 600 thousand teachers and some 6 million students. Aggregion offers schools, teachers and students access to educational digital content from the world's leading publishers. As of September 2015, the project had achieved some stunning results: over 10 thousand public schools used 13 million licenses between them.
The solution offered by Aggregion in cooperation with Intel also has the potential to substantially reduce digital content costs for universities. Quite often, institutions of higher learning are forced to pay for things they never use or make do with inconvenient formats that, among other things, prevent students from accessing content that has been paid for from their home computers or mobile devices. Aggregion and Intel offer schools a solution to this problem that includes the use of Intel-based servers and access to content via a digital library system hooked up to the Aggregion platform.
At the moment, the issue of having one of the largest institutional digital libraries in Russia – that of the O.E. Kutafin Moscow State University of Law – connected to Aggregion is being worked out. The library will benefit from a number of new advantages, such as payment only for the actual content used, a single access point for content on campus and beyond, convenient catalog search, potential integration with the library systems of its own branches and other partner schools and access control across the entire user base. The University also has plans to open its own online store to sell content produced by its publishing arm, such as educational literature, research monographs and journals, as well as products by third party copyright holders.
Yet another area of cooperation between Intel and Aggregion is publishing solutions. There are quite a few local publishers world over that serve their respective regional markets and would like to expand the distribution channels available to them. This target audience shows a great interest in Intel-based server equipment that could be used to efficiently manage licensing and distribution of digital content via Aggregion's platform.
Some of the leading and most demanding Russian publishers have already taken advantage of this solution by Intel and Aggregion that they found meets the highest of standards. Quite a few foreign publishers, too, are all too happy to join the ranks of Aggregion users, appreciating the efforts the company makes to protect their intellectual property. Aggregion is now supporting a single point of online and ofline access to content owned by foreign publishers for the All-Russian State Foreign Literature Library (VGBIL) and its associated special and general purpose public libraries, of which there are over 40 thousand nationwide and whose combined readership amounts to over 12 million registered users.
The experience Aggregion and Intel shared in Russia indicates that hardware bundled with valuable content sells much better, which is corroborated by the great success some of our other joint projects with leading equipment manufacturers, software developers and copyright holders have enjoyed. A preliminary analysis of the digital markets in Poland and other Eastern European countries gives reasons to believe that digital solutions offered by Aggregion in partnership with Intel will be just as successful there and find an enthusiastic response.

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