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Affordable Water Filters Set To Change The World

Press Release: January 15, 2017

Materials research and production company Foundation for Industrial Hemp Production & Research (FIHPR) has a low-cost, quick-fix solution for the nation's aging water systems that filters and purifies water at the tap without the need for harmful chemicals or costly systems. The new filter addresses many noticeable and unnoticeable problems, actively reducing a variety of things like rust, chlorine and E.Coli. It contains all-natural filter media: scientifically proven anti-bacterial/-microbial hemp fiber as well as activated coconut shell carbon, achieving a more thorough purification than most standard pitcher and faucet filters.

"We have one, and it works so well! Our water is terrible fairly certain our pipes are rusted and a landlord who has no concern,” remarked one anonymous tester. " Since we got a HMF filter there has been no brassy residue and I feel confident it has improved our water quality significantly!”

Clean, healthy water is the essence of prosperity in every household in the USA. The founder of the FIHPR started researching water purification with the use of hemp micro-fibers at the request of an ex-navy entrepreneur about 2 years ago.

The FIHPR bemoans the use of toxic chemicals and non-organic materials, as these methods may persist into the consumers drinking water and cause illness. Instead, the organization seeks to make available a healthier alternative that helps to reduce harmful components of municipal filtration. None of the filters contain harmful materials.

According to the FIHPR, there are innumerous upsides to the use of the hemp micro-fiber (HMF) water filter including a near endless resistance to mildew and mold, along with all the capabilities of standard filters. They maintain the position that there is a better way. The vision behind the filters is to assist households around America and the world with an easy-to-use, effective in all environments filtration solution. It is easy to understand why one would want such a product when each week there is another city telling its citizens that there are contaminants in the water supply.

The HMF water filter is more than a filter; it's a softener and purifier that cleans drinking and cooking water for the whole family. Thanks to the carbon it effectively reduces natural gas, dyes and tannins while the hemp micro-fibers capture solids and kills 95% of bacteria and microbes without leaving toxic residue. Unfortunately, most consumers end up purchasing filters based on what’s immediately available in supermarkets and don't know if it’s actually improving their tap water or just “sanitary theater”. The FIHPR asks that any customers with questions or concerns contact their direct line +1(727)271-9916 for immediate assistance.

Each filter costs $9.99 and the refills come in packs of 4 for $19.99. The FIHPR intends to take the proceeds and start a non-profit that will help to provide adequate filtration to in-need houses at no cost, while expanding the type of filters and available services.

About the FIHPR

Started in late 2013 as part of a collegiate research project at St. Petersburg College in Tarpon Springs, FL; the Foundation for Industrial Hemp Production & Research has sought to help the world transition into a sustainable economy through use of the renewable resource hemp. “Employment Opportunity and Economic Stability through Environmental Rehabilitation” is their slogan, and they seek to underline the business with social wellness and responsibility. A hemp purified shower head is currently in the works.


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