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Affordable Structural Engineering Services, Offshore Structure engineers

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Looking for reliable yet budget Structural engineering services provider?

OSD Services firm is your trusted choice of builders, architects, home-owners and contractors to provide quality structural design, construction drawings, construction specifications, bid documents and administration services.

We understand your project requirements to the last detail and generate savings through speedy delivery of customized structural engineering solutions.

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We have a unique expertise in providing following structural engineering services:
-> 2D Structural drafting
-> Structural Calculations
-> Structural Design & Drawings
-> Frame & Finite Element Analysis
-> Bridge & Building design
-> Foundation Design & Analysis
-> Steel detailing
-> Shop fabrication drawings
-> Structure 3D Models
-> Reinforcement Concrete (RCC) drawings
-> Construction Documents
-> Estimates & Bidding assistance

Our team of expert Structural engineers & CAD designers can handle any small or complex projects in a more professional way providing you consistent 100% quality work within demanding budget and schedule. Outsource & Save 60% of project costs by outsourcing structural engineering requirements to us!

Our portfolio of structural engineering services include:
# Residential homes/Apartments
# Water Tanks/Retaining Walls
# Bridge Structural design
# Steel & Pre-fabricated structures
# Industrial structures
# Reinforcement (RCC) & Pre-stressed concrete design
# Timber/Wooden structures, etc
# Masonry design
# Deteriorated structures
# Miscellaneous work

We are more than 12 years of experience in the areas of new construction as well as modification and renovation projects. Email us your specific requirements to help you in best possible way! We can quote you by project, by sheet or by man-hour.

info@outsourcestructuraldrafting.com Contact us to get free quotation.

Link: http://www.outsourcestructuraldrafting.com/services.php

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