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ADVFN launches in-app trading execution

Press Release: February 23, 2017

ADVFN has joined forces with TradeIt to allow ADVFN and iHub users to send trades directly to major US brokerages from within iHub and ADVFN iOS apps.

ADVFN, known in the investing community for its cutting edge data products and the most popular stock forum in the world, has already seen a rise in the popularity of its mobile offering; in-app execution is expected to accelerate this.

“Our user base relies on our aggregated newsfeeds, forums and live market data to generate trade ideas,” said Matthew Collom, Director of ADVFN, “This partnership gives them the ability to trade quickly on those ideas while remaining engaged in our ecosystem.”

This partnership extends TradeIt’s core capabilities - brokerage account integration and in-app trading - to thousands of ADVFN users who hold accounts with the major US brokers on TradeIt’s platform.

“We’re excited to bring trading to ADVFN’s large userbase,” said Nathan Richardson, CEO and co-founder of TradeIt. “These guys follow the markets really closely. The ability to trade on the fly will be valuable to them.”

The latest version of iHub is live in the App Store.


ADVFN (www.advfn.com) is a global stocks and shares information website providing market-leading financial tools and data to private investors around the world.
Offering real-time share prices, news feeds, charting, portfolio management, monitor lists, financials, data from 79 global stock exchanges, Level 2 and the most active financial bulletin board in the UK (along with many other features), the site is the destination of choice for day traders and retail investors.
Established in the last quarter of 1999, ADVFN (LSE:AFN) was floated on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market in March 2000. ADVFN began trading on the American OTCQX market under the symbol "IHUBY" in August 2014. The site currently has over three million registered users who generate in excess of 177 million page impressions a month.

Originally a UK-based site, the company currently operates in the US, UK, Brazil, Japan and Dubai. Global expansion has been a key area for ADVFN in recent years.

ADVFN has a joint venture in Brazil, a country in which ADVFN has a geographic and language targeted website. This is in addition to its US, French, German, Italian, Canadian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican and Filipino ADVFN financial sites.
In September 2006 ADVFN acquired InvestorsHub.com, a leading online investment community website in the North American market.

ADVFN bought AllIPO, an online IPO trading platform, as well as stock brokerages TSCTrade and Throgmorton Street Capital in July 2009.

In 2013 ADVFN acquired Finance Manila, a key resource in a rapidly growing market economy.
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About TradeIt

TradeIt connects developers to major US brokerage firms with a single, modernized API integration. App publishers use TradeIt to embed multi-broker trading functionality in their products, which makes their content actionable for their users. For more information please visit www.trade.it.

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