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Advantages Of Electric Showers

Press Release: January 12, 2010

An electric shower can be fitted onto any domestic water system. Electric showers heat the water instantly as and when required, this is why they are also known as instantaneous electric showers.

If you choose to install a power shower instead of an electric shower; you need to be aware that it would not heat the water. It simply pumps water from the existing hot water and cold water tanks to produce a high pressure shower. Power showers cannot be used with mains pressure cold water, unvented heating systems, or with combination boilers. Therefore an electric shower, which operates independently of the existing heating system, can be a more convenient option.

Similarly, a mixer shower mixes cold and hot water from a heating system to achieve the desired bathing temperature. It is important to mention here that the valves of a manual mixer shower do not maintain a constant temperature if the flow of water to the shower changes, resulting in the shower water temperature rising or falling sharply. This can be avoided by choosing a thermostatic mixer shower instead, however these can be around the same cost as an electric shower.

One of the main advantages of electric showers is that they can save you money because of the way they work. You only heat the water you use which makes it quite an economical option. By avoiding the method of heating a whole tank of water, you are not wasting any energy. This is one of the reasons why more and more people today prefer to opt for this convenient and economical shower option to keep their utility bills to a minimum.

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