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Advantages of Crimsafe Security Screens

Press Release: June 26, 2020

When security screen come to our mind, it’s easy to assume the only benefit they offer is security, but in reality, these fittings are rather versatile, allowing for safety, along with function, and enhanced comfort. If you are planning to buy any security screens and doors then you can try Crimsafe product. Crimsafe uses technically constructed screws that secure a high-tensile-strength 304 grade stainless steel mesh to structural grade aluminium frame. Crimsafe has also become the number for providing the services for door security, and window grilles. Crimsafe screen and doors are always installed with a three-point locking system, and the locks must always pass government security standards.

Crimsafe has a flexible range of installation methods to suit any size or type of window, so that you can customize your security screen as per your needs. They use a patented method in their construction with keep the quality standard in the mind. Here is the difference crimsafe security screens explained below but not limited to;

  • Fixed Window Screens – for non-moving panels
  • Hinged Window Screens - for single and multi-panel
  • Sliding Window Screens – for sliding panel

Here we’ll highlight some advantages of security screen, including some you may not have considered before! But not limited to;

  • High Security

Crimsafe security screens are a reliable deterrent that cover your safety with minimal cash outlay.The increased level of security will reduce the chances of your home being targeted from unknowns because they’re visible from the outside too.Security screens are tamper-proof&stand up to impact, so you can feel secure, and stay safe if anyone tries to enter your home.


  • Maintain Privacy

Crimsafe security screens are very popular product because of its ability to maintain better privacy.The thickness & angle of the mesh make it harder for passer-byers to see inside the property,like a two-way mirror.


  • Keep Insects at Bay

Crimsafe security screens can help to keep debris out of the home as well as bugs, and pests too. It can keep out all the unwanted intruders, even the smallest ones!


  • Increased Comfort

Crimsafe security screens offer homeowners the beauty, and convenience of a window, with the extra security of an exterior screen, and door your level of comfort is automatically boosted. Also, security screen screensare a great way to add value to your property, which in turn helps with a good ROI come resale time.


  • More Energy Efficient

Crimsafe security screens can make your home more energy efficient. It can reduce your energy expenditure around the house. Crimsafe screens and doors can blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, and 62% of UV rays, keeping your home cool.

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