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Advantage of AC Motor over DC Motor

Press Release: July 10, 2019

Before indulging ourselves into the advantages and disadvantages of AC Motor over DC Motor, well need to outline a brief elaboration of both systems. Direct current (DC) is the kind of current that flows on a conductor in an invariant way; this means they do not change their intensity in the course of time.
Alternating Current (AC) on the other hand behaves in the opposite way. The intensity of the current changes as time passes due to the change of direction of electric charges change direction of circulation in the conductor period.
Direct Current
For a period of time this current intensity remains constant throughout a period, this type of current has both merits and its demerits we are going to list below.
Alternating Current
Whenever the current intensity changes with time, the intensity varies from maximum positive value on a graph to maximum negative value, in this case, the graph can take any form of wave whereby the form is not any restriction as long as this is maintained throughout the entire period. It is very important to make sure that all energy from storage devices such as a battery is transferred as direct current whereas the energy coming from the hydroelectric plant and reaching the plugs of our environs is transmitted as alternating current. Let us look go to the advantages and disadvantages of these systems.
Alternating Current Characteristics And Advantages
1. AC transportation is highly economical than continuous, the cost of reducing or raising AC voltage is less than DC Voltage (refer to DC Motors / Gleichstrommotoren). This is the reason as to why hydroelectric power plants deliver power to our homes. It is important to raise the voltage at some points and then to lower it at reaching our homes.
2. The wide range of voltages obtained by the use of the transformer
3. The machines that use alternating current are much robust and do not require much repair and maintenance during use.
4. The alternating current is perceptible to quick conversions into direct current by using rectifiers
5. The alternating current transmission on long distances lowers the line losses as compared to direct current
Direct Current – Advantages Over Alternating Current
1. High insulation is required for the maximum value of alternating current since it is very dangerous.
2. Direct current usually emits electric shock that repels the human body while alternating current attracts the body of whoever touches it directly.
3. At low voltages, electricity can be transmitted through wires since they are less resistant to direct current.
4. Direct current can be stored in batteries, which is one of the greatest advantages of direct current over alternating current.
5. DC is adequately safer than AC.

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