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Addressing your pain points in school search counselling during the Covid pandemic times.

Press Release: July 16, 2020

Mankind has been stumped by the onslaught of Covid-19, ever since it assumed worldwide proportions. The timing of the super spread of the disease coincided with the beginning of the academic session of schools and it resulted in a double whammy for parents. One was that, most parents had to manage their kids’ education at home and the other was for those parents who were looking to admit their children in a new school. The former was more or less settled via adoption of online classes with some parental supervision thrown in. But the latter remains a pain point till date.

For first-timer children who have not gone to a formal school, the dream of seeking decent education remains in abeyance. Their parents are restless, worried and anxious because they do not know what path they should undertake for their school search & counselling. Additionally, there are parents who were contemplating a school switch for their wards. This was mainly due to their higher expectations of academic and holistic delivery from their kids’ current schools.

To address the aforementioned pain points of parents, FIITJEE Global School has launched a fully online mechanism for school exploration & counselling. It is pertinent to note that in compliance of social distancing and stay-at-home norms, FIITJEE Global School is encouraging parents to book an online video-call appointment with their school counsellors. There is no need to step out of home and visit the school to discover and understand what service levels and infrastructure the school possesses. Everything can be done online. Moreover, the counsellors deployed are not the typical non-academic staff but are real academicians who are well versed in all the aspects of the school. They are highly trained post-graduate teachers with many years of school experience.

The process of booking an appointment is fairly simple, parents need to visit the website www.fiitjeeglobalschool.com and click on the Appointment Scheduler blurb on the page. Thereafter, the Scheduler will walk them through the process wherein they can select the Counsellor of their choice basis their location preference. A brief description on the credentials of the counsellor would be mentioned in the selection box. One can book a 15-minute or 30-minute session as per their predilection. The available time slots are clearly displayed, and one can select the slot most suitable for them. Post scheduling the video appointment an automated mail would flow to the parent confirming the time slot, date and counsellor’s name. The appointment auto-syncs with the calendar of the parent and reminders are also sent at predefined time intervals.

In case there is a need for postponement of the appointment, then the parent can initiate that too and re-schedule the appointment, if it is within a specific time limit. On the scheduled time, a video call will be initiated, and the parent can interact with the counsellor, live in real-time. The session would be interactive where parents can ask any & every question with respect to FIITJEE Global way of schooling and how it can transform their child. In case of extended sessions, extensions may be granted basis availability of free time slots.

FIITJEE Global School is a chain of schools from the FIITJEE group and is launching its first two campuses in Chennai & Vellore for the academic session 2021-22. FIITJEE group has a success track record of over 28 years in mentoring students for tough competitive examinations like IITJEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE and Olympiads. FIITJEE has a national footprint and has presence in the Middle East and Singapore, as well.

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