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ADD-E – The revolutionary device that turns your Bicycle into an Electronic Bicycle

Press Release: July 16, 2015

We are happy to announce that add-e.de has brought the latest add-e product in Austria on July 13, 2015. This revolutionary toolkit helps to transform your bike into an e-bike within second. ADD-E is available for customers worldwide. If you are tired with your old bike and want to purchase an electric bike, than you don’t have too. You can convert your traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle within seconds, and the best is that ADD-E is also smart.
We know how hard is to travel with bicycles, especially in longer distances, and that is why add-e was created. It reduces the need to use the pedals on the bicycle. When you use pedals, you sweat, when going to a job or a meeting with a bike, sweating is not something that we would want to feel, and add-e makes things easier, whenever you want, you just use the toolkit and you will not need to use pedals anymore.
This revolutionary device is not heavy, and it can be carried anywhere. It is created from 4 different components, the battery, crank puller, mounting kit, and bottle battery. The installation of these 4 components is not hard and anyone can do it. Also the process only takes less than a minute to setup.
The number of customers interested is high while the amount is limited. ADD-E manufacturers will start shipping in the middle of August.
For all of you who are interested to pre-order the add-e device, you can do so by going to the official site of ADD-E at www.add-e.de
Turn your old bicycle into an electronic bicycle, pre-order now on our site.

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