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Acuiti Labs is hosting a webinar in partnership with SAP

Press Release: June 13, 2019

Acuiti Labs is all set for its upcoming webinar to provide businesses with the latest ideas and methodologies on how to improve sales teams’ performances and operations.

BFSI markets often experience difficulties in managing internal and external agents due to manual processes of logging and calculating commissions, leading to increased costs and overpayments. Leveraging new technologies is fundamental to incentivising and accurately rewarding people, and using the SAP Commissions platform for BFSI markets is the perfect solution. This webinar will be an informative session on the benefits of a centralised Sales Performance Management system and how it can be leveraged within BFSI markets.

Register for the upcoming webinar now by clicking on the link >> https://info.acuitilabs.co.uk/bfsi-webinar/commissions-management

Key areas to be covered in the webinar:
• Why SAP are the leaders in Sales Performance Management
• Components of Producer Pro
• SAP’s Commissions platform through Callidus
• How to leverage SAP commission for BFSI markets

Experts who will be hosting the webinar:
Jane Disney:
SAP - Insurance Lead UK & Ireland
Jane has worked in the Insurance industry for over 25 years focusing on digital transformation and software solutions to address complex business challenges. She has a strong knowledge in small, medium and large companies and has proven her ability to deliver strategic planning and growth management with many customers at these levels.
Lisa James
SAP - Product Marketing Manager, SAP Customer Experience
Lisa started her career with SAP as a Functional CRM consultant primarily focused on trade promotion management projects and consumer packaged goods companies. In 2014, she started leading sales and service implementations of cloud solutions across industries. Since 2015, she has been a part of SAP Global Marketing with SAP Customer Experience, as a product marketing manager.

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