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Activities in Sydney - The Surrey Hill Festival

Press Release: March 03, 2010

During the second and third week of April a number of festivals, events and concerts rock the buzzing city of Sydney. It attracts thousands of artists, musicians, actors, directors, journalists and tourists.

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One such festival following the Easter celebrations this year is the Surrey Hill Festival. The festival takes place at Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills (corner of Cleveland and Chalmers Sts), close to Central Railway Station, offering an easy access. The annual Surry Hills Festival is a primary fund raiser for the Surry Hills Neighborhood Centre, providing funding for the centers community services. So while you are having fun, you are also helping some of the needs in making the country you love or appreciate a better place to live for all.

The Surrey Hill Festival took place on Saturday 18th April, last year between 10am - 6pm. Not only the locals but a large number of visiting guests and tourists in the city took part to make it a success. It is also a big reason why from just neighborhood party, the Surrey Hill Festival has evolved in an event of global attention. Although, since its a fund raiser, you may be getting a boring picture, but trust me its much more than just a fund raiser. The Festival Day provides an amazing mix of Entertainment including: Five entertainment Stages with bands & artists scheduled every 45 minutes between 10am - 6pm, indie, rock, acoustic, DJ's, 250 Market Stalls - artisans & hand made craft stalls, local designers, vintage and more, Dramatic Intent featuring industry professionals from local theatre companies, Fashion Catwalk featuring local design schools, The Annual Surry Hills Dog Show-off, Roving Entertainers and the list goes on.

The Surrey Hill festival is organized and presented by the Surry Hills Neighborhood Centre and in 2010 the festival is aiming to be part of celebrating Surrey community in 2010!! This year, it is expected to be more surprising as the festivals regular home of Prince Alfred Park is undergoing extensive renovations, so the festival will be finding a temporary new home and a new shape. Although, this may make the number of artists and stages smaller, but remember, big things always come in small packages.

The idea or theme for year is to be creative, intimate and have a community picnic feel with the entertainment stages limited to two small parks - Ward Park (Devonshire Street) & Shannon Reserve (Crown Street), and possibly other satellite venues. It will be a unique opportunity to meet and greet the natives of Australia, that otherwise are hard to get hold of in such a busy and laid back life style. The festival spreads a true flavor of Australian culture and hospitality, for tourists its a must to experience.

The festival has something for every one and this is what makes it an ideal place to hit, for family holidays. There is a mosaic of live entertainment and free fun activities for kids and families, tasty international food and amusement rides as well.

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