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Press Release: June 26, 2017

One of the greatest aspects of AcroYoga is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that it delivers. The balance of humility and pride that is gleaned from interacting with this practice is unparalleled. We are humbled by engaging with this medium because we quickly learn our limitations in it. AcroYoga demands integrity - unlike other modalities of movement, where we might be able to “dump into”, “lean on” or “coast through” our strengths (think strength or flexibility, most commonly), AcroYoga is one medium where we must show up fully. We are pushed to become more well-rounded movers because there must exist both strength and flexibility in harmonious, proportionate measure. We must learn how to properly engage - and stay there - to be effective and safe as we enter into realms that require deep levels of trust and commitment. This becomes even more important than usual because now we are responsible not only for ourselves, but for another, in a sense - with great power comes great responsibility.

This does not diminish the rightful sense of pride that one can come to via commitment to this journey, however. Such great strides can be made with consistency in AcroYoga - the foreshadowing of which can happen all in the span of one’s first hour-long session. This taste of what’s possible leaves the beginner yearning for more. This sense of satisfaction, suckling on the sweetness of even the tip of what’s possible when we apply ourselves in these alternative areas, is often addictive. It’s worth acknowledging that humans respond to positive feedback - so if we are going to find anything “addictive”, it might as well be something that expands the mind, heightens the senses, increases physical adaptability, deepens our communication and awareness, and presents a host of other benefits that only get richer with time. The immediate nature of progress in this practice creates such a positive feedback loop. From beginner to advanced, there is always farther that one can take their AcroYoga practice. This develops an ever-deepening appreciation for the details that continue to reveal themselves as we refine our postures, our transitions, and eventually start to explore and even innovate the spaces between the already-named and the new. We gain a sense of freedom in this - for every success that we experience (“small” or “large”) we are sharpening our senses, forging new neural pathways, and creating an association in our brain and body with an expanded sense of potential.

This evolution transfers to all areas of our lives, both strictly within the practice in its physicality as well as the way that we walk through the world as individuals, beyond our identities as AcroYogis. What the world needs now more than ever is empowered individuals who carry a sense of perspective, compassion, and awareness. This practice offers insights into all of these aspects of our individuality. It creates a commonality, since so many of us enter from such varied backgrounds, yet all find ourselves equals in this shared experience. It provides a sense of liberation from self-imposed limitations. When we walk unfettered, free from our societally- or self-imposed shackles, we operate from a more authentic place, and one that is oriented with more empathy.

We hold compassion because we have been through our own journey and can relate this to that of others in some way that allows us to hold space for our varying processes and points along our paths. In sum, the merits of an AcroYoga practice are four-fold: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We find equally as many, if not more, benefits in the undercurrents of our beings, insights into our internal worlds, as we find progress in specific postures and unlock achievements in the realms of strength, flexibility, and general capability. The lessons we learn in AcroYoga positively impact our relationships with self, each other, and the world at large. This is why we keep coming back to this practice and diving deeper each time we engage with it. And this is why we strive to make this accessible to any & all who show their interest in such ideas.


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