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Acquire information from mobile devices by installing line spy app

Press Release: December 04, 2015

Have you been suspecting that your employees are up to no good? Do you think they are wasting a lot of money in making unnecessary calls to friends and family? It is time to catch them red handed without their knowledge. All you need to do is install line spy app, which enables you to receive all the activities that are going on between the caller and the person who have been called. This is a service that is offered by Text Watcher at a minimal fee. We run a subscription service for all the customers who approach us for line spy android installation. The subscription is monthly, and a fee of $20 is charged initially, and every month on the due date, you will be billed $20, which is our fee for making use of our line spy app service. This subscription amount shall not be billed to you once you contact us to cancel the subscription.

If you decide to cancel the line spy android app service before the month is over, we will not be in a position to refund you the amount that you have already paid. This is part of our policy which we require you to read and understand before entering into an agreement for the line spy app service with us. Cancellation of the subscription service is quite easy, all you need to do is send an email to us informing us that you wish to cancel the subscription, on our business address, and we will do it straightway. Almost all the customers that we work with have not had issues with our line spy android app service, and cancellations have been quite minimal. We are known for protecting your privacy as we work together in the line spy app service. As you deal with us with in any of the several spy services that we offer, we do not keep your email address in our data base at all.

Your privacy is our concern, and this is the reason why we make use of a send-only email for sending your line spy android app. Once you have received the app, we go ahead and delete the email address from our system. The other thing that we are very keen in ensuring that it is kept secure is the debit or credit card information. This information is kept secure by the checkout system that cannot be accessed by any third party. We welcome you to contact us today for further information regarding our line spy android app services, or any other of our various spy app services that we offer our customers.

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