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Acquanaut launches Quantum Resistant Open Source Decentralized proprietary Exchange

Press Release: July 25, 2020

Acquanaut  -The very first decentralized exchange for crypto investors, built upon Blockchain and quantum supremacy

Acquanaut is a new aspirant in the marketplace that aims to build and provide a decentralized exchange for investors all around the world. We are the first decentralized exchange to focus our operations on quantum supremacy, and setting the bar high to become the most technologically advanced open-source, decentralized proprietary blockchain network to gauge investments from all kind of investors, not giving much adherence to their status or position in the markets, i.e., the market is open to organizations, high net-worth investors, individuals, startups, and other enthusiasts.

The world of cryptocurrencies has gained a lot of friction since the ingress of Bitcoin, a decade ago in 2019, was one of the first cryptocurrencies that gained high momentum gradually after its launch. Since then, a lot of cryptocurrencies have seen the markets. But what was and still is slow progress and a hard reality are the DEXs (or decentralized exchanges). Though there has been consistency in the increase of transactions, these exchanges end up using a third party for the settlement of trades, which contradicts the essence of the system and network it is supposed to exhibit. The market has seen a lack of completely or desired levels of decentralized exchanges, and more so, quantum supremacy in the world of decentralized exchanges is a lesser-known reality. 

Less known but a thriving future of decentralized exchanges, quantum supremacy is incorporated to provide quantum computing solutions to our users, which will increase the efficiency and spirit of the blockchain network. Quantum Supremacy has given new aspiration to scientists, reducing and fasten the calculations in computations.

Acquanaut, along with the main service of building and fueling cryptocurrency exchange, provides the services of HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet, Stablecoins, to back your digital assets app to give a smooth User Interface. Combining and integrating the expertise in finances, developments, marketing, and quantum computing, we uphold and exceed the standards in blockchain frameworks, the convergence of tokens, and system designs

Moreover, our expertise in quantum computing and a creative background helps us deliver satisfying services to our clients. 


Acquanaut ecosystem provides a safe space for people all over the world the assurance of protection of their assets. The biggest advantage that enhances the trust of investors is the sole foundation of the system, which is a blockchain network that practically makes the data stored in it immutable, now, of course, this is with the assumption that they have minimum central interference. Our team at Acquanaut looks forward to delivering these services with dedication and our quantum experts' skills.

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Acquanaut is built on the foundation of expertise, gathering our employees from a vast array of skills and experience to provide you the advantages of decentralized exchanges and added services.


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