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ABSOLUT No Label Limited Edition Vodka

Press Release: April 06, 2010

Vodka Emporium Press Release

ABSOLUT No Label Limited Edition Vodka

Buy ABSOLUT No Label from The Vodka Emporium. ABSOLUT No Label is a limited edition Vodka from ABSOLUT. The No Label theme is to help raise awareness and challenge labels and prejudice about sexual identities by encouraging everyone to think twice about preconceptions to discover and challenge the labels we all put on people in our everyday life.

As a result of this campaign, ABSOLUT launched a bottle with no label and no logo, to manifest the idea, that no matter whats on the outside, its the inside that really matters.
Here is what ABSOLUT have to say about this exciting product:
In an ABSOLUT world there are no labels.
For the first time ever ABSOLUT VODKA dares to face the world completely naked.
Done to manifest the idea, that no matter what's on the outside, it's the inside that really matters. Challenge your preconceptions and make the world more diverse, vibrant and respectful.
The Vodka Emporium have stock of ABSOLUT No Label now, so dont miss out and visit our website now to buy your bottle and own a piece of Vodka history!

ABSOLUT Rock Limited Edition Vodka
In an ABSOLUT world, youre with the band!

Another ABSOLUT Vodka Limited Edition at The Vodka Emporium is ABSOLUT Rock.

To pay tribute to rock and roll, ABSOLUT, the international leading premium vodka, is launching the ABSOLUT VODKA ROCK EDITION, a limited edition bottle wrapped in a leather- and studs gift package. In its celebration of rock, ABSOLUT has also brought together visionary rock and roll photographer Danny Clinch and the sought-after rock band Wolfmother in a creative collaboration that invites the consumer to take part in the authentic rock and roll lifestyle.

ABSOLUT has a genuine passion for creativity, and for decades rock music has been a key driver of contemporary culture. We have collaborated with the world of music several times before, and ABSOLUT VODKA ROCK EDITION is our way of celebrating rock and roll. The limited edition bottle is a true collectors item, launched globally in September 2009 says Anna Malmhake, Global Brand Director at The Absolut Company. We are very happy to launch this initiative together with such great visionaries as Danny Clinch and Wolfmother.

Buy ABSOLUT Rock Edition now from The Vodka Emporium, www.vodkaemporium.com


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