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Abal Security equips door supervisors with Offender ID spray to deter attacks

Press Release: January 27, 2010

Offender ID is a portable spray that tags an offender so that they can be identified even if they flee the crime scene.

It contains Redwebs redDNA, a unique biosynthetic DNA which has three key identification marks. Firstly the spray is red and so is easy to spot on offenders clothes or skin (this can last for more than three days). It is also visible under standard UV light and contains a unique encrypted biosynthetic DNA.

The unique DNA in each can of Offender ID is registered in an independent database so it can easily be traced to a specific incident. This provides a robust chain of evidence that can help secure convictions and deter criminals. redDNA and Offender ID is accredited by Secured by Design, an initiative which ensures that security equipment meets Police standards.

Commenting on equipping his door supervisors with the Offender ID sprays, John Calleja, Business Development Director, Abal Security, said; We are often faced with offenders offering or using aggressive and violent behaviour, and sometimes glasses and bottles are used.

With lots going on, tracking who was involved can be difficult. We work very closely with our local Police force and we are expecting that the Offender ID will help us and the police track down perpetrators and also act as a big deterrent. Why risk starting trouble when you know you could be marked with evidence?

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About Redweb Technologies

Redweb Technologies develops security solutions that help deter crime and identify criminals. Redweb works with the police, commercial organisations and security personnel to reduce crime.

Redwebs security solutions include:

Trackers - including the tracker device, deployment tools (for police work) and forensic analysis (for the return of marked assets)
redDNA a unique identifier solution which is used to mark criminals at the scene of the crime and the analysis tools needed to link the criminal to the crime scene

About Abal Security

Abal Security Ltd has been established for 12 years, specialising in:
Manned Guarding Retail
Guarding Key holding / Rapid Response
Door Supervisors
Vehicle Immobilisation
Security Operative Training Courses

Abal Security is accredited to British Standards ISO9001:2000, and is an accredited company, under the Security Industry Authority (SIA) scheme, meeting stringent national standards, as laid out within recent legislation. Abal is member of the BSIA, the UK governing body for security operators and is one of 500 members of the SIA's prestigious Accredited Contractor Scheme.

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