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A Wedding is Like a Deck of Cards…

Press Release: July 22, 2019

At first, all you need is a heart to love someone and a diamond to marry them, but often by the end you wish you had a club to kill them and a spade to bury them!

Getting married and joining your life to another person’s is an incredible undertaking. After all, you are uniting two different families and lineages. One way to relieve the stress and pressure is to take a few quiet moments to yourself to relax and distract your mind. Don’t underestimate the power of a tall glass of wine and a deck of playing cards.

Our recommended favorite is the Yurt Playing Cards – Qazaq deck.

As you plan for your wedding, these cards are not only a thankful way to escape and take a break from the chaos, but you’ll also learn about the Qazaq idea of family and how marriage will relate you to others, such as:

Quda Yurt: Home of relatives through children’s marriage.

Oz Yurt: Home of relatives on father’s side.

Qaivn Yurt: Home of relatives on spouse’s side

Nagashy Yurt: Home of relatives on mother’s side.

Also, there’s something classy and cultured about a lady that knows her way around a deck of cards. Get yourself a deck of cards and check one more thing of your wedding to-do list.

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