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A vaccine will mean a return of fear of flying - New Fear of Flying Book Released

Press Release: December 12, 2020

1 in 5 people suffer from a fear of flying - and that was before Covid 19.  New Year is the time for people to face their fears and with a vaccine in sight, many will be wanting to fly again.  Fear of flying is a massive fear and stops not just sufferers flying but also their loved ones.  Help is available from Paul Tizzard's new book with a foreword from Sir Richard Branson who has supported Paul since his first nervous flyers programme, set up in 1996 for Virgin Atlantic.  The programme helped over 30,000 people with their fears of flying and many courses would contain up 250 scared people per course.  The fear of flying affects all ages, men and women and all backgrounds and professions.  Tizzard says, 'The fear can start at any time, even for regular travellers. Other triggers can be retiring or, becoming a new parent is a common trigger for the fear to start.  The good news is that no one is born with a fear of flying so, everyone can be helped with the right mindset.' 

Paul left the Virgin programme in 2019, to set up a more personal service for nervous flyers through 'Lovefly.'  He has spent the last year carefully writing his book, consolidating over 20 years experience.  It contains strategies and tips to help with the top fears, such as: Turbulence, Terrorism, Technical Failure, claustrophobia and much more.  The book is available as free e-book or on Amazon, Kindle and Audible. 

Paul has also produced a free App ‘Lovefly’ on iPhone. It has a free fear of flying questionnaire to help you self-rate how bad your fear of flying is and how soon you need to take action.

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