Press Release: July 16, 2020

With us having spent more time outside than ever before due to coronavirus, the interest in new hobbies is booming. One is a hobby that originally evolved way back in the 1970s is making a comeback in a big way.

Metal detecting, often associated with a camouflaged, pot-bellied bearded gentleman nearing retirement is now a thing of the past. The benefits of enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends and a chance to unearth some of your country’s wonderful history are being re-discovered. With fresh air, exercise, relaxation and a great way recharge your mental wellbeing, metal detecting ticks a lot of boxes.

Realising the trend towards people taking up the hobby, two brothers in the UK, Scott a software and web developer and Ashley a keen and avid metal detectorist found he was missing the interaction with other lovers of the hobby during the lockdown. Naturally being unable to metal detect he was missing his hobby desperately, With this like many of us, Ashley turned to the current online forums and websites to chat with fellow detectorists. However, upon visiting and using these platforms, they both realised that they were antiquated, difficult to use, full of advertisements and seemed not to have moved with the times unlike the machines or followers within the hobby. 

Naturally, there are a lot of social media platforms available, however, these are not to everyone’s taste. Whether it’s due to people’s privacy concerns, sharing items found of value and concerned about your location being shared or not wishing to see the latest depressing news feeds or viral cat videos. Scott decided to look into developing an easy to use and free platform purely for metal detectorists to share their interests from the hobby.

After many days and nights of in-depth testing, Detector Network was launched in early May 2020. With the bare minimum advertising as not to overload the site and time to rule out any bugs, the site began to gain huge momentum globally with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

www.detectornetwork.com is a new and easy to use online platform for beginners and experienced metal detectorists to share advice, finds and learn more about this exciting hobby.

The key features of Detector Network:

- Create your own personal profile

- Find and chat with members (both publicly or via personal chat)

- Post on your newsfeed (similar to Facebook)

- Create and manage pages

- Create public/private groups (great for clubs)

- Find and create events

- Write and publish articles

- Advertise your finds or detecting equipment on the site with NO fees

- Desktop/laptop live-streaming (web version) / mobile live-streaming (app version)

- Day / night (light/dark) mode available

- Upload images/videos of your finds

- Promote your YouTube channel

With now, over 1,000 members and growing fast and a key focus in realising that the demographics are changing within the hobby due to so many youngsters not wanting to use the traditional social media platforms commonly used within the hobby. A dedicated website and app for your phone are naturally more appealing. Whether you just want to view peoples discoveries from their day out detecting or the latest news within the hobby or just a chat, detectornetwork.com is becoming the place to be.


Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

adrian gayler

Tel: 07540844906

Email: adrian@detectornetwork.com

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