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A T Doors Ltd now offering Maintenance on all automatic doors

Press Release: August 18, 2020

With automatic doors installed in a range of businesses and education centres, they must remain in excellent working condition. A & T Doors Ltd offer ongoing maintenance and repairs for customers who they provide door installation for.

Businesses throughout Bedworth and Warwickshire with existing automatic doors are also able to take advantage of this service.


Why do automatic doors need maintenance?

Automatic door maintenance is required to ensure the longevity and ongoing operational excellence of a system. A & T Doors Ltd offer a range of services including maintenance and repair.

Maintenance and repair of automatic doors include:

Resolving existing faults

Checking that automatic doors are fully operational

Preventing future problems from occurring

Ensuring that the business gets maximum ROI from the original purchase

For businesses to install automatic doors, they are committing to a long term investment.

Fitting electric doors to a shop front, college, school or other public building is a costly process. Therefore it makes sense for the business owner to want to keep the doors in good working condition for as long as possible.

Another reason to ensure that automatic doors are in good condition is to prevent failure.

If a door system fails to operate correctly access is denied to customers entering the building.

This is especially an obstacle for disabled people who may not be able to enter through alternative access routes.

Many establishments make use of automatic doors for customer convenience. This makes it easy for potential customers to enter the premises and engage with the service.

Faulty automatic doors will put people off from coming into a shop and can result in potential revenue falls.

Another benefit of automatic doors is to control heat loss from a building. When the automatic door system fails to close properly, the cost of heat loss can be significant.

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

Many businesses benefit from the convenience and aesthetic style of automatic entrances. From retail stores to public services and schools, automation makes it easy to control the entrance to a building.

Automatic entrances can be swing door or sliding automatic doors. Both types of door require regular maintenance to ensure that they work properly at all times.

Any door repairs or maintenance needs to be completed by a fully trained expert who understands the technical requirements of the mechanism.

Highly trained professionals know exactly what to look for when a door malfunctions and will have the right tools available to attend to the job.

If there is a breakdown of automatic doors, A & T Doors specialise in offering proactive and reactive servicing.

Why choose A & T Doors for your Automatic Doors Maintenance and Repairs?

A & T Doors have over 15 years of experience working with local businesses in Bedworth and Warwickshire and offer high-quality maintenance services in an emergency or to prevent faults.

A & T Doors can provide the following benefits to a business with automatic doors:

-The business remains compliant to the Disability Discrimination Act allowing access for all.

-The business mitigates against the risk of accidents by keeping the doors in good working order.

-Access control systems function correctly permitting only people that should enter a building.

-Access is available at all times. Professional maintenance and servicing is the best way to reduce the risk of door failure.

All doors can benefit from this maintenance service whether the doors were originally fitted by A & T Doors or not.

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