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A special book for this Pandemic Age

Press Release: March 03, 2021


A Special Canadian book for this Pandemic Age
Obittersweet: Life Lessons from Obituaries celebrates the legacy of lives lived

Kamloops, BC - February 15, 2021
A 50 year-old Kamloops woman, who has been reading newspaper obituaries
since she was in her twenties, shares 120 life lessons learned from the obits in
this soon-to-be released book (Mosaic Press). Canada’s newspapers have
dedicated an unprecedented amount of space to obituaries since COVID showed
up. They have grown in number and word count at a time when in-person
memorial services are on hold. Obituary reading is a way for Canadians to join in
celebrating these lives well-lived.

“Lessons nestled in obituaries have been guiding me on decisions since I was a
freshly minted adult. They have influenced decisions in every decade of my life,
from career paths to parenting approaches,” says author Tamara Macpherson
Vukusic. “And now obituary readers from across Canada are coming out of the
woodwork and connecting with each other as they hear about my new book.
There are a stunning number of us who share in this rarely discussed pass time.”
"Rarely does one find a book as distinctive, engaging, challenging, imaginative
and truly a delight to read as Obittersweet. Tamara Vukusic pioneers new
literary ground with this book. Once readers begin it is unlikely that they will set it
aside and from now on we will all read obituaries with a new lens!” says Howard
Aster, Publisher, Mosaic Press.

Tamara Macpherson Vukusic’s writing has appeared in The Globe & Mail,
Nunatsiaq News, Nunavut News, Kamloops Parents, Moms with Apps, Kamloops
Daily News and on Medium. Her career in public relations has spanned the
fields of health care, tourism, education, and sport, culminating with her role as
the External Relations Manager of the 2002 Iqaluit Arctic Winter Games. She is
the founder of Spark Your Imagination, an award-winning collection of games,
created to encourage creativity in kids, that have been distributed in 48 countries.
She lives in Kamloops, BC with her husband, two teenage boys and a host of
wayward dogs and cats.

Obittersweet: Life Lessons from Obituaries is a fascinating collection of essays
inspired by real obituaries and filled with quirky anecdotes, interesting
perspectives, and thoughtful observations. Each life lesson concludes with a
question to encourage the reader to reflect on their own life and to “resolve to live
your life in a way that when you are gone people notice something unique and
precious missing.”

Obittersweet is available now through Mosaic Press (www.mosaic-press.com).
Ask for a copy at your local independent bookstore. The general release date in
North America and internationally is March 13, 2021.

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Mosaic Press was founded 44 years ago as a Canadian publisher dedicated to
presenting significant and excellent Canadian writing. An Oakville, Ontario-based
company, they have published more than 600 books, several by major awardwinning
authors. Mosaic Press has an extensive international distribution network
and their collection includes titles that have been translated into more than a
dozen languages with rights sold in more than 38 countries.

Tamara Macpherson Vukusic
[email protected]

Publisher / requests for advance review copies
Howard Aster. Mosaic Press
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